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Uncover Manitoba’s past, present and future.

Let’s start from the beginning. Choose a museum – any museum – and be launched into the past through rich collections of fossils, artifacts and the preserved memories of those who lived it. These are the pieces that make Manitoba the province it is today.

Step back in time in a huge collection of museums and galleries

Gain a better understanding of the history of Manitoba by visiting one of our many museums, each with its own area of expertise and focus. Dig into our prehistoric past and see fossils from an ancient sea, or wander through a historic home or pioneer village to get a glimpse of what the life of a settler was once like. Through museums in both the north and south of the province, learn about the culture of Indigenous peoples that continues to persevere and thrive today.

Small-town museums offer hyper-local knowledge into the people and places of specific regions, while the Canadian Museum for Human Rights – one of Canada’s National museums – tackles a national conversation on human rights. There’s no shortage of fascinating stories from the past to tell – and we’re still making history every day.

Illustration of Bruce the Mosasaurs head.

Meet Bruce, a Guiness Book of Records mosasaur fossil. You can pay him a visit at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre.

Our Partners

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Inspiring stories, powerfully told

How do human rights get conveyed in a museum? Come see! Explore content relating to rights in Canada and internationally. Whether your interests are in connecting with important stories, or awesome architecture, this national museum delivers.

Manitoba Museum

Explore History, Science and Space!

Renowned for its vivid portrayal of the province's rich and diverse history, The Manitoba Museum is engages and delights visitors of any age, and provides hours of enjoyment for all in one easy-to-access location.

West Interlake

See the 6's Heritage Showcase

Fill your day with a trip down memory lane. You will find unique treasures, great story telling and glimpses of how the West Interlake was settled at museums in Woodlands, Lundar, Eriksdale, Ashern and Moosehorn.

Art on display in an old warehouse at the Urban Shaman Gallery

Unique Museums

There is no better place to learn and understand our province's bygone pioneer era than at a rural heritage village, the heart of many communities across southern Manitoba.

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The Gimli Glider Exhibit tells the story of an extraordinary moment of flight with artifacts from the now-famous Boeing 767.

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