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Manitoba Adventure Dog

Looking to explore more of Manitoba with your best friend at your side?

We're here to help dog lovers discover new and exciting ways to enjoy quality time with their beloved pets throughout the province. From uncovering the most scenic hiking trails to finding pet-friendly accommodations and highlighting one-of-a-kind dog-friendly events, there are so many un-fur-gettable adventures to have right here in Manitoba.

Adventures in Manitoba with Your Furry Friend

10 dog-friendly accommodations in Manitoba

Looking for a paw-some getaway in Manitoba? Don't leave your pup behind! Check out our list of 10 dog-friendly accommodations in the province, with plenty of adventure nearby. Be sure to follow all local rules and regulations.

Paws in Parks

Pets are welcome in all Manitoba provincial parks. Many park visitors find that bringing pets enhances their overall outdoor experience; however, pets and their owners share the park experience with all other visitors.

9 Instagram-worthy spots to take pictures of your pet

You’ve heard it been said, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

Explore these 8 winter trails in Clear Lake Country with Hike Manitoba

We're talking winter hiking! Take a trip to Clear Lake Country and explore these 8 winter hiking trails. Whether it's your first time or your fifth time, explore somewhere new and stop in for food, favourites, and fun along the way.

Manitoba Adventure Dog

The Manitoba Adventure Dog campaign is an annual contest that invites all Manitoba dogs to showcase their adventurous spirit and compete for the title of Manitoba's 2024 Adventure Dog.

To participate, dog owners are asked to share a video or photo highlighting their canine companion exploring Manitoba. The crowned pup wins an awesome prize pack and gets the opportunity to work with us throughout the following year on some fun, dog-friendly adventures.

Check back in fall of 2024 when we will launch our next Manitoba Adventure Dog campaign! Take a look at some of the entries from the 2024 campaign here.

2024 Manitoba Adventure Dog: Atlas

As his name might suggest, this 3-year-old border collie mix loves to adventure and explore. Atlas was rescued from Texas and made his way to Toronto where he resided for about a year and captivated all with his striking eyes. Atlas travelled throughout North America over the summer before settling down in his mom’s home province of Manitoba! He's seen many places and is ready to explore more of home sweet home. ❤️

Atlas has been spotted camping, hiking, swimming, sitting on dog-friendly patios, joining into parades and more. His favourite spots here in Manitoba include Whiteshell Provincial Park, Spruce Woods Provincial Park, Riding Mountain National Park, Assiniboine Park and The Forks. Follow along with Atlas' adventures throughout 2024 on Instagram!

Past Adventure Dogs

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Introducing our paw-some Adventure Dog Bandana—a comfy, stylish accessory for your furry companion when you hike, bike, paddle, camp or however you like to explore!

Adventure Dog Calendar

Meet our bark-tastic Adventure Dog Calendar—a delightful calendar where each month showcases adventurous pups from across Manitoba.