Spring & Summer

When the prairie crocus, Manitoba’s official flower, peaks through the melting snow, it is likely the first sign that spring is on its way. And the return of the Canada Goose makes the arrival of spring official. The spring migration season is one of the best times for bird watching, as hundreds of thousands of birds, geese, and waterfowl return to their nesting grounds in Manitoba. Spring is also great for other wildlife viewing and outdoor adventures, thanks to long days and pleasant weather.

The arrival of Manitoba’s sunny summer means days spent at the beach, camping trips at the lake, and loads of summer fairs and festivals to fill up on music, culture, and food! The summer months also bring the arrival of nearly 3,000 beluga whales to the Churchill River Estuary. Boat, kayak or even snorkelling expeditions offer the chance to get up close to these friendly and curious whales.