Arts, Culture & History
Cultural richness that draws you in

Qaumajuq Inuit Art Centre | Treaty 1

Arts, Culture & History

Stories and creativity on display.

A sacred site for Indigenous teaching and learning. A restored pioneer farmhouse. An exhibit that prompts you to imagine a better world. A piece of music that touches your heart.

If you want a deep dive into Manitoba’s history, visit a museum – we have over 200 of them! Indigenous, and Francophone experiences are central to Manitoba’s story and resilient Manitobans are renowned for creating amazing art and dazzling, high quality performances. Discover who Manitobans really are when you experience our arts, culture and history.

Immersive History

Indigenous culture isn’t just a part of Manitoba’s past, it is a part of nearly every experience found in the province. Outdoor adventures follow the ancient paths of Manitoba’s original inhabitants, while cultural events highlight vibrant traditions.

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Here are some can't-miss stops in Winnipeg that cover the breadth of Manitoba's history, culture and community you won't want to miss.

Group of people enjoying a walking tour in front of the St. Boniface Cathedral in Winnipeg

French Heritage

Winnipeg has a few intriguing surprises up its sleeve and a walking tour is the perfect way to make a few discoveries, while seeing the city in a whole new light.

Fur traders discussing their furs at Fort Gibraltar

Manitoba’s French connection dates back over 200 years. The hardy, hardworking fur traders – known as voyageurs – made lasting relationships with Indigenous peoples and important contributions to the province’s history.

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