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Manitoba Road Trips

When your heart needs to roam.

Step outside the expected, take a new path and discover the people, places and perspectives that make a trip worth taking. Because at the end of the road, your next big adventure is waiting.

Whether you prefer to visit a museum to learn about culture and history or to hike across the serene landscapes of Manitoba’s wilderness, there’s a road trip to get you there. You may even discover a new destination you never expected to find. Plan your perfect road trip today.

When your heart needs to roam, Canada’s Heart is Calling.

Manitoba Road Trips: Beachy Keen

Lake Winnipeg is massive. At 425 km long and up to 109 km wide, it is, in fact, the fifth largest lake in Canada.

Manitoba Road Trips: Whispers of the Whiteshell

Breathe in the outdoors in our beautiful Whiteshell Provincial Park. This slice of the Canadian shield is rich in sunsets, boreal forest and ancient granite rock.

Manitoba Road Trips: Big Skies, Big Blooms

Get to know Manitoba's southwestern corner with this exciting road trip centred on Turtle Mountain Provincial Park.

Manitoba Road Trips: Under the Prairie Sun

From pretty valley views and cool prehistoric finds to modern eateries and contemporary gardens, this road trip through the Pembina Valley and gateway communities showcases all sorts of sun and fun waiting to be explored.

Manitoba Road Trips: Wild West Wanderings

Explore Manitoba's second largest city, Brandon, where you instantly feel at home and are welcomed like an old friend. Then soak in the splendour of the land with a series of day trips to museums, attractions and parks throughout the rolling hills and...

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