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Long winters and lots of snow are a dream come true for snowmobilers.

Enjoy beautiful winter views while powering a snow machine across Manitoba’s changing landscape. The province is home to more than 50 different snowmobile clubs and nearly 13,000 kilometres of groomed trails just waiting to be explored.

A snowmobiler’s dream come true in Manitoba

There are many reasons snowmobilers love Manitoba: the dense forests, the wide open frozen lakes, the hilly terrain and the abundance of snow are just a few. Huge trail networks cover the province, linking and overlapping, offering never-ending adventures. In the eastern part of the province, places like Beausejour, Grand Beach and Gimli are great snowmobiling spots. In the west, the Swan Valley region is often regarded by snowmobilers as one of their favourite sledding destinations.

Three snowmobilers on a trail riding through the trees in Nopiming Provincial Park.

Endless adventures by snowmobile through the forests of the Canadian Shield in southeast Manitoba.

Featured Experiences

Gull Harbour Marina and The Lighthouse Inn

Gull Harbour Inn and Restaurant

Snowmobiles! Enjoy direct access to many groomed and marked trails on Hecla Island! If you are new to Snowmobiling or just prefer a guide, Gull Harbour will arrange an expert guide to set you up and show you around.

In the north, the promise of extended riding seasons and an exciting combination of groomed and backcountry trails bring riders to the region. Plus, you’ll find many sled-friendly places to stay and eat in towns across the province. Rental options make this growing winter sport well within your reach.

Visit the Snoman website for information on passes, maps and trail conditions. Learn More>

The fastest racers in the world?

A world-class racing track made of pure ice? Insane speeds of over 160 km/hr? The Canadian Power Toboggan Championships are held every March in Beauséjour, and it's an adrenaline lover's dream.

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