About Manitoba

Manitoba Facts

Electronic Travel AuthorizationManitoba's stable and diverse economy, built on traditional resource sectors and emerging high-technology industries, is the base for a thriving business community. Since we produce more than we consume, trade is a critical element to our success. Since 1990 Manitoba's exports to the world have more than doubled.

Manitoba's central location and time zone allows convenient access to customers and suppliers across the continent. Winnipeg is a natural and ever-growing hub for rail, road and air transportation.

A Manitoba-based location is ideal for seizing opportunities arising from the expansion of free trade under the North American Free Trade Agreement. Manitoba offers low operating costs, a dedicated, highly skilled multilingual workforce, abundant, clean, reliable electrical energy, and excellent research and communication facilities with a sophisticated telecommunications and information technology infrastructure.

Industry & Resources

From agriculture to natural resources and beyond, Manitoba is at the forefront of many industries.

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