Hot this week – January 21 to 27

Can you believe that January is already almost near its end?! Hopefully you’ve had an exciting month of getting out and enjoying winter in all its splendour. If not, lucky for you, there is still lots of time to get your winter on. This week, we’ve got a fantastic lineup of amusement, music and

11 java joints you should give a shot

Manitoba’s coffee scene has never been better. On just about every other corner, you’ll find a coffee spot that’s hip and happening. Some you’ve heard of, others you’ve tried, and still there are a few waiting in the wings for the coffee connoisseurs’ stamp of approval. Luckily, Manitoba is the next

Hot this week – January 14 to 20

In case you hadn't noticed, winter is here and by the look of it, she will be here for a while. So it's a good thing that Manitoba is just bursting with events to keep you going throughout the next few months. Here's what's hot in Manitoba. Fete at the Snowdance Festival January 18 to 20 Falcon

7 Manitoba winter festivals that will make you fall in love with the season

Header photo by: @gyk26 Here's a radical idea: Instead of hiding away all winter long, why not get out and make the most of the season? I promise, winter can be fun (and not to mention beautiful) when you finally starting embracing all the great things that come with it. If you're ready to finally starting enjoying winter, here are seven festivals happening this year in Manitoba that you simply can't miss...

Hot this week – January 7 to 13

We're now seven days into the new year. Now that we’re finally settling in and coming to terms with the fact that 2018 is behind us and 2019 is on its way, it’s time to get back into the swing of things. And we’ve got a few ideas in mind to help you do just that! Here's what's hot in Manitoba.

5 things to do at Asessippi if you’re terrified of skiing

I love to ski. To me, there’s no greater thrill than flying down a mountain at high speeds, weaving in and out of the trees, dipping and diving as your heart rate picks up while you forget about the temperature, speed, wind, and the potential danger that surrounds you. My wife, however, hates to

Hot this week – December 31 to January 6

Happy New Year! OK, we know there is still some time to go before the actual new year, but we'll be too busy bidding adieu to the final moments of 2018 ourselves, so we figured we'd get the well wishes out ahead of time. Be sure to check out our list of the places where you can ring in the New Year if you're still on the prowl for a fun or fancy event!  Here's what's hot in Manitoba for what's left of 2018, and heading in to 2019.

7 ways to work off that holiday turkey outside in Manitoba

Header photo by: @craspybakon I love the holidays, but we’re three days removed from Christmas and to say I’m feeling the effects would be an understatement. Here’s an inventory of my last three days: Eat all the turkey, stuff myself with stuffing, spell the alphabet with chocolate letters, repeat