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Hot this week – May 21 to 26

This week will be a bit of a short one, thanks to the long weekend, which, hopefully, we all took some time to enjoy. Usually a short week means there’s a bit more to get done in a shorter space of time, but hustle and bustle we must, and taking a moment to stop and enjoy a few awesome happenings

Lace up and launch out on one of these walking tours around Winnipeg

Walking is one of those things most city dwellers just do and Winnipeg is one of those places where walking is such a forgone conclusion that we often do it without giving it a second thought. But Winnipeg has a few intriguing surprises up its sleeve and a walking tour is the perfect way make a few discoveries, while seeing the city in a whole new light. Here is a sampling of Winnipeg’s walking tours.

Hot this week – May 13 to 20

While today may only be Monday, come Friday, you can count yourself extra lucky because it’s going to be an extra-long weekend. And in the build up to May long, there are always exciting things happening. For one, people will be gearing up to plant their gardens. Indigenous cultures will bring the

Hot this week – May 6 to 12

This weekend is a pretty special one! Not only is it Manitoba’s birthday, it’s also Mother’s Day. So how about we keep this short so you can get to the good stuff. Here’s what’s hot in Manitoba.