8 super cool bridges you MUST cross in Manitoba

Header image by: We Travel The World The old idiom goes, "I'll cross that bridge when I come to it" - but why wait for a chance encounter? As bridges have become a popular subject matter for photographers, we compiled a little list of some of the most intriguing and attractive bridges in Manitoba.

Hot this week – August 13 to 19

Movies or the outdoors? Museum exhibits or theatrical plays? Cultural extravaganzas or jazz-filled evenings? Art galleries or Viking fests? So many options! No matter your pace of life or your pastime preference, we've got a list of what's hot in Manitoba for you to choose from. Learn all about

Dans le désert du Manitoba

Quand on pense aux paysages du Manitoba, on voit les plaines des Prairies et les lacs sans fin. Du vert, du bleu, des fleurs sauvages ici et là. Et pourtant, un paysage pour le moins inattendu se cache au cœur du Parc provincial de Spruce Wood : des dunes de sable fin. Toute une découverte

Hot this week – August 6 to 12

Old favourites and new adventures. That’s what this week of events looks like here in Manitoba. Folklorama continues this week with pavilion after pavilion of fare, fun and exciting introductions to new cultural experiences. Flin Flon is also gearing up for a brand new festival: the Blueberry Jam

Go north on your next adventure! 10 things to do in beautiful Flin Flon & Cranberry Portage

Summer in Manitoba is notoriously short, and while there's much to explore, why not take the road less travelled and set your sights on the pristine northern part of the province? Flin Flon, Manitoba is a MUST-SEE spot for adventurers of all kinds: families, couples, even groups of friends looking for outdoor adventure within reach of a city slicker's creature comforts. And, it's only 8 hours drive from Winnipeg - a reasonable distance for a long weekend adventure or summer getaway. 

Point your compass north and have the most Canadian vacation ever at Bakers Narrows Lodge

Want to summer vacation like a Canadian? We live and breathe the classic lake life - and luckily, with amazing stays like Bakers Narrows Lodge , you can too. Located just outside the northern town of Flin Flon, this world class lodge is suitable for visitors of all types - from families looking to spend quality time together to couples looking to get away from it all. Here's why your next getaway should be to Bakers Narrows Lodge...

Hot this week – July 30 to August 5

Header photo: Megan Luhowy Summer is shaping up to be a fun and exciting one. We've got quite a few festivals on this week (think Fire, Folk and Vikings!), so we'd suggest that you pace yourself as you carve out your week's itinerary. Soak up some sun, feast, fete and have your fill of what's hot in