Hot this week – July 16 to 22

Summers in Manitoba equal fairs and fun. Well, if we were being completely honest, every season in Manitoba equals those things. But if that speaks to anything at all, it’s the fact that there is just always something happening and there’s always the next best something to try. Just off the high of

Hot this week – July 9 to 15

When it comes to our province, there’s always so much going on that we really can’t help but highlight as much as we can of what Manitoba has on offer. This week is no different. We offer no set terms or conditions. Rather, we offer a few ideas to stoke your imagination to get you out and about and

WAG’s summer of impressionists leave their mark

Photo by  @mariebebe_ The world has been moved and shaken by countless revolutions throughout history, each one stoking a flame and igniting change, some for the good. One of those key movements happened in the 19th Century art world and while it may – in our times, anyway – be seen as a ground-breaking shift in creativity and artistic expression, the beginnings of the Impressionist era of art was rather the scandal of its time.

Hot this week – July 3 to 8

Header photo by Buio Assis We’re just recovering from a fantastic Canada Day long weekend, but whatever you do, you better make that recovery a quick one. This is Folk Fest week, people! It’s the week where the city becomes a little bit quieter and the flower folks descend on Birds Hill Provincial

5 museum gift shops that will make you feel like Santa in July

It may very well be a few months still until Christmas, but no one said you couldn’t be proactive by shopping for loved ones ahead – way ahead – especially if your loved ones prove challenging or picky. And let’s not forget those loved ones with random birthdays that just spring up out of no where – never mind the fact you had an entire year to think about it – and leave you scrambling to find a meaningful gift. For some of us, a museum gift shop might be the last place we think about for finding that perfect something for that special someone. We’d encourage you, however, to reconsider. Museums gift shops are quite full of surprises…pleasant ones too. Here are five Manitoba museum gift shops that will make your shopping and gift-giving experience a pleasant surprise.

Make Morden the next "must" on your list!

I'm a little bit ashamed to admit it, but here's the truth: I have never been to Morden. It's not that I've never ventured into the Pembina Valley region, neither was it for a lack of trying, but for one reason or another, the desire never materialized into an actionable plan. Last weekend, however, that all changed and Morden and I got to spend some quality time together, getting intimately acquainted. And while it may have only been a weekend, I discovered that the City of Morden has a personality all its own just waiting for you to give it your undivided attention. Sure, we've all heard of the Corn and Apple Festival , and the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre is definitely one of the town's cornerstones, but if you're looking for a laid-back, fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of weekend, here are a few low-key but satisfying things to do if you're ever making your way to Morden.