Hot this week – June 11 to 17

This weekend is Father’s Day. And while moms often get all the attention and the love – well much of it anyway – it would be amiss of us to not acknowledge all the great dads out there. This week, we hope you get the royal treatment and have all the stops pulled out for you. There’s even a new bed

À la découverte des serpents les plus gentils du Manitoba

La saison du printemps est idéale pour aller observer les serpents de Narcisse. Près de 70 000 couleuvres rayées rampent en ce moment dans le Narcisse Snake Dens . Un phénomène impressionnant et unique, suscitant chez moi curiosité et peur. Les couleuvres rayées Légèrement ophiophobe, c’est comme ça

Hot this week – June 4 to 10

This week seems to be one just chockfull of fairs and festivals! From Niverville, to Winnipeg, to Brandon, just take your pick! Each one offers its own unique experiences and charms that are sure to appeal in one way or another. For the pizza lovers, get ready! There’s a new culinary week about to