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8 Incredible Stays to Help You Live Your Best Fall Life in Manitoba

You know what time it is. It's fall. Live your best autumnal life by booking a stay at one of these incredible Manitoba stays that get you closer to the beauty of the season. Read List

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10 Things to do in Manitoba: Dec 4 to 10

Hey Manitoba, it's already December! Can you believe it? Another month of exploring, discovering, and learning in our province is ahead. Consider trying a new-to-you coffee flavour, trek a new winter trail, check out the new Manitoba Ski Pass, and visit...

Manitoba Ski Pass: Get to Know the Hills

Purchase the Manitoba Ski Pass and score discounts on lift tickets for your upcoming winter fun. Redeem this magical mobile savings pass at Asessippi Ski Area & Resort near Inglis, Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes near Falcon Lake, and Springhill Winter Park...

10 Things to do in Manitoba: Nov 27 to Dec 3

We're all thinking it...and we're all wondering...where is all of the snow? In the meantime, there is still fun o' plenty to be had! Enjoy a stunning stay, have a hot beverage, go hiking, see central Manitoba, and dine on sweet holiday flavours! Here are...

Manitoba's Ultimate Soup Guide

It's Soup season! There's no doubt about that. There's comfort coming in from the cold to a hot bowl of soup. You call on it when you need to warm up, are feeling under the weather, or want to satisfy your tastebuds. Soup is always there for you. The...

10 Things to do in Manitoba: Nov 20 to 26

A little bit of this and a little bit of that this week. Enjoy a beautiful walk in La Barriere Park, treat yourself to a brunch date, head over to holidays at the hollow, drop by downtown Beausejour, or weekend in the wheat city! Here are 10 things to do...

10 Spots in Manitoba to Grab Grub and Watch the Game

What better way to enjoy the play-by-play on the big screen than with great grub and good company. We know there is no food quite like game day food. You've got the crunchy, the crispy, the hearty, the zesty, and oh, don't forget the heat! Soccer, hockey,...

8 Stunning Stays to Rest Your Head this Season

Getting a good night’s sleep is the newest trend in travel. Sleep tourism! We’ve done all the deep sleeping for you, checking out Manitoba’s newest crop of sleep spots. From cozy turtle shells to posh-pillowed beds, here’s what we found. And as always,...

8 Thought-Provoking Indigenous Art Galleries and Museums to Visit This Fall and Winter

Art installations that make you stop in your steps. Interactive displays that cause moments of deep reflection. Joyous discoveries of histories you thought you knew.

13 Fun and Festive Things to Do in Manitoba

There's no place like home for the holidays. But whether you're a local or just visiting, it's easy to get into the spirit of the season in Manitoba. From enchanting lights to heartwarming performances, the province comes alive each November and December...

How to Weekend in the Wheat City

I thought I knew the Wheat City. With family roots in the fields of southwest Manitoba, I spent a fair amount of time in Brandon growing up: holiday breaks visiting cousins, an annual outing to the Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, and a handful of high school...

5 Winnipeg neighbourhoods you want to explore during the cool seasons

Whether you're visiting Manitoba's capital city from out of town or you're a local eager to plan a staycation, here are the neighbourhoods you should explore to have a top Winnipeg experience.

10 Indigenous experiences you must have this season in Manitoba

Make a plan to connect with the first peoples of the place we all call home through art, history, discussion, and exploration.

10 Things to do in Manitoba: Nov 13 to 19

Light up the night with the ultimate holiday weekend celebration! Make plans to whisk away to a winter wonderland, sip and savour local soups, get your game on, and enjoy an abundance of beauty. Here are 10 things to do this week in Manitoba.

Wintery Weekend in The Pas

I’m just gonna say it. I think winter gets a tough rap. So many haters out there trying to escape the snow and crisp, fresh air.

Where, When and How to See Northern Lights in Churchill, Manitoba

What does it feel like to see the northern lights dance above you in the remote subarctic? Many have described the experience as a humbling one; an awe-inspiring event that leaves one feeling so, so small in the grand scheme of our magnificent universe....

8 Manitoba Hardwater Adventures For Those Who Have Never Been Ice Fishing Before

Every winter, thousands of fishing enthusiasts descend on Manitoba's frozen waterways for some good ol' hard water angling. And while there are endless lakes and rivers to set up on, these 8 ice fishing adventures provide all the fixings for when your...

Manitoba Winter Explorer Guide: 10 Ways to Snowmobile the Province

There are many reasons why snowmobilers love Manitoba — the dense forest, the wide open lakes and the abundance of snow are just a few.

10 Must-See Attractions You Need to Experience in Winnipeg

Planning a trip to Winnipeg this year? No matter when you visit the city, you need to experience these 10 must-see attractions.

10 Manitoba cabins, B&Bs and unique stays that are open year-round

Stunning getaways are a year-round thing in Manitoba. Whether you're looking for the perfect fall getaway or a cozy wintertime hibernation stay, check out these 10 cabins, B&Bs and unique stays that are open for bookings for every season.

10 Amazing Hotels with Pools and Spas for Your Next Trip to Manitoba in Fall and Winter

What is it about a pool or a spa that just screams, “vacation”?

Explore these 8 winter trails in Clear Lake Country with Hike Manitoba

It's not too late to cross one more thing off of your winter bucket list. We're talking winter hiking! Take a trip to Clear Lake Country and explore these 8 winter hiking trails. Whether it's your first time or your fifth time, explore somewhere new and...

How to take a mountain getaway this winter without leaving Manitoba

No need to head west to the Rockies for that family winter holiday. Head to Manitoba's mountain - Riding Mountain, that is - to find tons of fun in the snow, as well as cozy hygge vibes.

6 Places to Learn Something New This November in Manitoba

November is an in-between month that is often unpredictable. Fall might be lingering, or perhaps winter has already begun.

A Photographer's Paradise: A First Timer's Trip to Churchill

A picture-perfect photographer's paradise lies in the far stretches of one of Canada's most unique provinces. Here's a heartfelt recap of a first-time experience in Churchill, showcasing the allure of this remarkable destination. It's a place where the...

The ULTIMATE guide to polar bear season in Churchill, Manitoba

Wildlife enthusiasts know that Manitoba is one of the most magical places in the world to visit in the autumn months. And it's not for the wicked fall foliage. 1000 kilometres north of capital city Winnipeg lies the northern port town of Churchill, made...

Campfire Stories: 5 of Manitoba’s Most Terrifying Tales and Legends

Gather 'round the flickering flame of the campfire and settle in for an evening of scares. Bring these terrifying tales on your next camping trip in Manitoba, and you're sure to feel a chill in the air over stories of ghosts, monsters, & aliens.

A Cozy Autumn Getaway to Riding Mountain National Park

Spectacular scenery, the sweetness of a warm fall day and ultra-cozy stays are just the beginning of your autumn visit to Riding Mountain National Park.

2023 Guide to Manitoba's Most Haunting Halloween Events

For those who seek heart-pounding excitement and a shiver down the spine, Halloween in Manitoba beckons with a plethora of chilling events that delve deep into the world of the uncanny and unsettling.

Falcon Beach Ranch Therapy

When your heart needs calm, a stay at Falcon Beach Ranch in Whiteshell Provincial Park provides just the therapy to help relax and unwind.

Wolves, Wildflowers, and Whispering in the Wilderness: Manitoba's Most Epic Experiences

Where else in Canada can you kayak with beluga whales, photograph wild wolves, and hike with polar bears? When it comes to discovering the Arctic in northern Manitoba, it doesn't get any more epic than an adventure with Churchill Wild. Wolves,...

50 things to do in Manitoba this fall

From picturesque hikes and cozy stays to soul-inspiring events and belly-warming brews, autumn just might be our favourite season

5 Day Trips to Help You Make Amazing Fall Memories in Manitoba

Calling all autumn adventurers. Coziness seekers. Sweater enthusiasts. It's time to make new memories this fall in Manitoba.

Seeking the Beauty of Fall? Spend the Weekend in Riding Mountain National Park

Fall comes but once a year, and one of the best places to experience it is in Riding Mountain National Park.

Manitoba Fall Road Trips: Whispers of the Whiteshell

Breathe in the outdoors in Whiteshell Provincial Park. This slice of the Canadian shield is rich in sunsets, boreal forest and ancient granite rock.

6 Spooky Spots to Explore in Manitoba

Manitoba is home to some of the oldest buildings in Western Canada. Prince of Wales Fort in Churchill is the oldest still-standing establishment in the province, built in the early 1700s, with Lower Fort Garry in Winnipeg following close behind.

2023 Guide to Manitoba Fall Suppers

There’s a culinary rite of passage in Manitoba every autumn. It’s called the fall supper and permission is hereby granted to don your stretchy pants and head for a small town for roast turkey, freshly baked pie and an extra helping on hospitality. Did we...

How-To Fat Boy: Taking a Bite out of Manitoba's Favourite Burger

If you're from or live in Manitoba...you know what a fat boy burger is. And chances are...you know what they taste like. What is this mysterious Manitoba burger and why is it so popular? Here's the ultimate how-to guide in understanding Manitoba's...

10 Manitoba Hiking Trails That Are Amazing in Fall

Embrace the kaleidoscope of colours that paint the landscapes as fall gracefully descends upon Manitoba. If you're an eager explorer or a budding nature enthusiast, you're in for a treat. Get ready to savour Manitoba's fall foliage with our list of 10...

2023 Guide to Craft Sales and Markets in Manitoba

As the leaves take on warm hues and temperatures cool, craft vendors, enthusiasts and shoppers in Manitoba are gearing up for craft show season.Did we miss your sale? Send an email with the date, name and location of your sale to...

Fall in Love With the Season and These Manitoba Farm Experiences

Fall + harvest = the perfect time to head to the farm. Manitoba's agrarian roots are something special.

Fall Suppers: A Food Scene Cooler Than You Think

Harvest time on the prairies means Manitoba’s oldest culinary tradition comes alive: the fall supper. From mid-September to mid-November, rural churches and community halls open their doors and offer buffets of down-home cooking, served with a side of...

En Route! Three Francophone Adventures to Explore on a Fall Day Trip Through Manitoba

It's that wonderful time of the year when the sweaters come out, the boots come on and the air is crisp and cool. That's right, it's fall, the trendiest and most pumpkin-spiced fueled season of the year. It's also the time for corn mazes, fall suppers,...

8 Incredible Stays to Help You Live Your Best Fall Life in Manitoba

The air is crisp, the leaves are crunchy and you're all bundled up in a cozy sweater. You know what time it is. It's fall. Live your best autumnal life by booking a stay at one of these incredible Manitoba stays that get you closer to the beauty of the...

5 Manitoba Corn Mazes to Get Lost in This Fall

Not all those who wander are lost - except if you're in a corn maze, of course. When it comes to quintessential fall experiences, finding your way through a corn maze is right up there with sipping pumpkin spice lattes and feeling colourful leaves crunch...

It’s fun and free! Morden’s Corn and Apple Festival marks a sweet ending to summer

Each August, the Morden Corn and Apple Festival welcomes tens of thousands of visitors to this southern Manitoba community.

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