Igloo parties + marsh boardwalks + retro fittings = an AMAZING May long weekend in Clear Lake!

There's nothing quite like the May long weekend to wake up the sleepy summer towns of Manitoba. That's not to say that Wasagaming isn't also a bustling area in winter - it is - but there's something undeniable about the energy that summertime brings. Add in an abundance of activities and events and you've got yourself one heck of weekend. Let the FOMO begin: here's what you missed this May Long in Clear Lake Country ! 

Hot this week – May 22 to 27

This week will be a bit of a short one, thanks to the long weekend, which, hopefully, we all took some time to enjoy. And yes, usually a short week means there’s a bit more to get done in a shorter space of time, but hustle and bustle we must, and taking a moment to stop and enjoy a few awesome happenings should also be a must. Here’s what’s hot this week in Manitoba.

Kids explain why they're obsessed with the Children's Museum

If you’ve ever taken your kids to the Children’s Museum located at The Forks in Winnipeg, then you will have been asked multiple times when you will be returning. I wanted to know why kids love the Children’s Museum, so I went straight to the source – my own kids, ages 6 and 4. In their own words (as well as some of my own), here is an explanation of child’s obsession with the Children’s Museum.

Hot this week – May 14 to 21

We’ve got a long weekend coming up, which means that while today may only be Monday, we can still count ourselves lucky. In the build up to May long, people will be gearing up to plant their gardens. The farmers’ markets will soon be bursting with fresh produce and yummy treats, while Indigenous cultures will bring the city and surrounding areas to life in a spirited celebration of the Manito Ahbee Festival. Here’s what’s hot in Manitoba.

Sentier de la poutine : Quand le rural rime avec rΓ©gal!

La Poutine Trail , ou, en français, le sentier de la poutine, c’est comme une véritable chasse aux trésors. Lorette, Sainte-Anne, Marchand ou bien Saint-Malo, au total, huit municipalités bilingues du Sud-Est du Manitoba proposent de découvrir leur délicieux plat composé de frites et de fromage. A chaque fois, c’est comme une surprise. On ne sait pas à quoi s’attendre et l’on n’est pas déçu, vous le verrez !

7 amazing camping spots in Manitoba that you may have never heard of

We all know that May long weekend is the official launch to the summer camping season. Haven’t booked a site in one of Manitoba’s amazing provincial parks? No problem! Manitoba is home to plenty of fabulous family owned as well as municipal campgrounds and RV parks, perfect for that special summer getaway. Here’s a list of just seven options to choose from throughout the province.

Hot this week – May 7 to 13

This weekend is a pretty special one. Not only is it Manitoba’s birthday, it’s also Mother’s Day. We’ve got a few ideas for each of those days and then some for during the week. So we’ll keep this short so you can get to the good stuff. Here’s what’s hot in Manitoba. Spring stay and save All month

Hot diggity dog: 8 spots in Manitoba for the YUMMIEST hotdogs ever 🌭

Header photo by Elizabeth Green Listen: we're not here to debate what actually defines a hotdog (is it a sausage in a long bun, or is it more than that? So many questions.), we're just here to tell you that the high and mighty burger has had plenty of time to shine, and we're ready to give the hotdog some of the spotlight.  So here's our picks on where you can get a good ol' fashioned hotdog in Manitoba. There's no doubt that we missed some favourites - so tell us about YOUR picks in the comments!