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50 Things to Do This Spring in Manitoba

From fun festivals to beautiful hikes to patio dining, this is a great season for exploring the best of what Manitoba has to offer. Read List

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10 Things to Do in Manitoba: Jun 17 to 23

Fairs and midways, chasing our golden prairie sun, catching a basketball game, festivals, local tours and markets.... sounds like a Manitoba summer! Here are 10 things to do this week in Manitoba.

10 Things to Do in Manitoba: Jun 3 to 9

Get out your golf hat and shoes... it's time to hit the green! Manitoba is home to more than just 4 seasons year 'round. There's golf season, patio season, camping season and music festival season, just to name a few. Whichever season is your favourite,...

Savour the Flavours of Western Manitoba: 13 Places to Eat in Brandon

Brandon's dining scene has serious momentum, and visitors could plan an entire itinerary around which local restaurant to nosh at next. We can't list all the foodie joints in Manitoba's second-largest city but here are a few standouts offering creative...

Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner in Winnipeg That Will Make You Say WOW

Winnipeg is a foodie city where you can - and should - expect to eat well. Whether you're a breakfast person, a lunch person, a dinner person, or all three, these are the spots you need to check out for a full day of eating in the 'Peg.

10 Things to Do in Manitoba: May 27 to Jun 2

Get ready for good times and tasty treats! Feel the thrill of mountain biking, scoop up some artisanal ice cream, and soak up some sunshine. Try the newest downtown restaurant, enjoy food and drinks with friends, hit the road for a scenic trip, and splash...

10 Things to Do in Manitoba: May 20 to 26

Shoot for the moon, and even if you miss, you'll land among the stars! Dream big, into the stars of our galaxy. Have you ever dreamt of seeing a professional baseball or basketball game, playing golf in your favourite place as the sun sets, enjoying that...

Manitoba Kid's Choice Pass: Adventures For The Whole Family

Check out the Manitoba Kid's Choice Pass to save on your museum visits with the whole family this summer.

How to Make the Most of Your Visit to Clear Lake in Summer 2024

While Clear Lake undergoes measures to facilitate the detection of zebra mussels and decrease the risk of their spread, Riding Mountain National Park is still a vibrant hub of activity and adventure. This summer, with a temporary restriction on personal...

10 Fairs and Midways You Can't Miss This Summer in Manitoba

Manitoba comes alive in the summer with a vibrant array of fairs that bring the energy with heart-pumping rides, jaw-dropping displays of talent and plenty of music to dance the night away. For the rollercoaster enthusiasts who think the more loops the...

Shore Lunch: The Ultimate Outdoor Meal in Manitoba

It takes but one match to start the fire, the tinder and kindling expertly arranged to look like the tiniest log cabin. Then comes a few boughs from a long-dead spruce and finally, freshly split tamarack deadfall collected from the bush. The fire is...

10 icons of Manitoba's north

North of the 53rd parallel is a region of Manitoba that is as vast as it is diverse. It is where wilderness and culture collide. When planning your visit to northern Manitoba this summer, be sure to visit a few of these icons that define this remote part...

A summer guide to Flin Flon: 24 hrs in this storied northern town

Flin Flon, the northern Manitoba town with a curious name, is more than its mining identity. If you're travelling north, plan an overnight or two in this quirky town that is equally as proud of its rugged wilderness setting as its burgeoning arts and...

Take a Vintage Train Through the Countryside with Manitoba's Prairie Dog Central Railway

Do you dream of trains? Do you long for the days of travel aboard a chugging locomotive? While train travel may have given (mostly) way to planes and cars in Canada, there are still a few bastions of this oh-so-civilized form of travel kicking around. One...

Finding Art and Outdoor Adventure in Boissevain

Manitoba can be unpredictable, you’re never sure what you might come across. The weather, the wildlife and the people may surprise and delight you. This is especially true in Boissevain.

Manitoba Road Trips: A Day in the Peg

Here are some Winnipeg favourites to get you started if you only have a day in the Peg.

Manitoba Road Trips: Follow the Yellowhead Highway

The Yellowhead Highway is an interprovincial highway connecting Manitoba with its western neighbours. Its name comes from the Yellowhead Pass, the route chosen through the Rockies. Crossing into Manitoba, the Yellowhead is Highway 16 until it meets with...

Manitoba Road Trips: Riding High

Travel from Canada’s National Ukrainian Capital to Manitoba’s only accessible national park for wildlife, camping and delicious dining.

Where to Eat in Winnipeg in 2024

Winnipeg's vibrant culinary scene continues to garner national attention, with both new and much-loved hidden gems that should be on every gourmand's radar. Here's just a few sure bets in 2024 that are new or nationally notable.

Manitoba Road Trips: Winnipeg Family Vacation

What is the secret to the perfect family vacation in Winnipeg? Loads of kid-approved activities, a handful of ways to spend time outdoors, a splash of hotel fun and dash of adults-only options when you’re ready to leave the kids with the grandparents for...

47 Amazing Bakeries to Try This Summer That Are Not in Winnipeg

When it comes to road trips, it's all about the treats you eat along the way. If you find yourself exploring Manitoba this summer, be sure to mark these 47 amazing bakeries on your map.

9 Incredible Spots to Camp in Northern Manitoba

Under the vast, open skies of the north, find rugged beauty that stretches as far as the eye can see. Whether you're tenting, glamping or travelling with a camper in tow, these northern campgrounds offer everything you could want in a summer camping trip:...

Step Back in Time During a Day Trip to Carman

A day trip to Carman is a trip down memory lane. The thriving community - despite all its young families and growth in the last 20 years - still offers bits of nostalgia, along with a chance to slow down, breathe in prairie charm, and swap family memories.

Indigenous Foodie Experiences to Have in Manitoba

From traditional recipes to modern fusion, you’ll find numerous Indigenous-owned and operated restaurants in Manitoba. Here are a few for your next foodie adventure!

How to Have a Farm-Filled Day Trip Just Beyond the Perimeter Highway

The one upside of being a Manitoban who does not own a cabin is that my family’s summer weekends are spent exploring the province. We often go on daytrips - a quick adventure past the perimeter around Winnipeg’s greater metropolitan region – to get a...

8 Small-Town Music Festivals in Manitoba That You Need to Tune Into

For many Manitobans, warm weather means one thing: music festivals. Beyond perennial favourites like the Winnipeg Folk Festival and Dauphin’s Countryfest are lesser known gems that draw in visitors to towns and communities across the province for weekends...

It's Easy Being Green: 7 Eco-Focused Travel Experiences in Manitoba

For some Manitoba tourism companies, being mindful of environmental impact is a big part of their identity.

10 Paddling Routes in Manitoba to Get You Started

Have you really experienced Manitoba if you haven't gone paddling? Home to over 100,000 lakes and waterways, Manitoba has paddling routes for every skill level, including beginners.

How to Celebrate Tourism Week in Manitoba

Get ready for new adventures! From April 15 to 19, National Tourism Week marks the perfect opportunity to discover hidden gems across the province and celebrate everything Manitoba has to offer. We’ve rounded up a few ways you can join in the celebration.

Making family memories in Virden and Oak Lake Beach

With family roots in southwestern Manitoba, I always look forward to visiting the region each summer. This year, instead of visiting our usual haunts like Brandon and Souris, we followed the Trans-Canada Highway a little further west to check out lake...

10 Unique Airbnbs to Check Out in Manitoba

We've all had a memorable stay, whether it was the location, the scenic views, the company you were with or the atmosphere and hospitality that made you feel at home. Here are 10 unique Airbnbs to check out in Manitoba that will bring magic, memories and...

Manitoba Road Trips: Big Skies, Big Blooms

Get to know Manitoba's southwestern corner with this exciting road trip centred on Turtle Mountain Provincial Park.

Manitoba Road Trips: Venture to Churchill

Take Highway 6 north and explore the shores of Lake Manitoba as you head toward the coast of the Hudson Bay.

Manitoba Road Trips: Wild West Wanderings

Explore Manitoba's second largest city, Brandon, where you instantly feel at home and are welcomed like an old friend. Then soak in the splendour of the land with a series of day trips to museums, attractions and parks throughout the rolling hills and...

Manitoba Road Trips: Beachy Keen

Lake Winnipeg is massive. At 425 km long and up to 109 km wide, it is, in fact, the fifth largest lake in Canada.

Manitoba Road Trips: Bridging the west

This summer fun itinerary is jam-packed with quirky roadside attractions, unforgettable hikes and cute small towns.

Manitoba Road Trips: Perfectly Parkland

See iconic prairie giants and make your way into the wild wild west of the Parkland on this outdoor adventure.

Manitoba Road Trips: Whispers of the Whiteshell

Breathe in the outdoors in our beautiful Whiteshell Provincial Park. This slice of the Canadian shield is rich in sunsets, boreal forest and ancient granite rock.

15 Hidden Gem Burger Adventures to Take in Manitoba (Not in Winnipeg)

Pack your appetite and hit the road. It's burger season in Manitoba.

Manitoba Road Trips: Under the Prairie Sun

From pretty valley views and cool prehistoric finds to modern eateries and contemporary gardens, this road trip through the Pembina Valley and gateway communities showcases all sorts of sun and fun waiting to be explored.

50 Things to Do This Spring in Manitoba

With longer days and warmer weather, our province comes alive with things to do in spring.

Where To Find Pie on Pi Day in Manitoba

Today is PI day, and we’re here for the tasty celebration. March 14th, better known as 3.14 PI DAY. We’re talking sweet pies, savoury pies, meat pies, fruit pies, and the most roundest and proudest of the baking bunch. Which pie reigns supreme? We've...

The Power of Pedalling in the Parkland: Mountain Biking the Northgate Trails

Power. It's what makes things go! Whether it be electricity, passion, motivation, and even, people. You're venturing to Northgate Trails in Dauphin for the first time. You've packed up a mountain bike and are on the road. You arrive to a microcabin...

5 Winnipeg Neighbourhoods You Want to Explore

Whether you're visiting Manitoba's capital city from out of town or you're a local eager to plan a staycation, here are the neighbourhoods you should explore to have a top Winnipeg experience.

10 Amazing Hotels with Pools and Spas for Your Next Trip to Manitoba

What is it about a pool or spa that just screams, “vacation”?

Manitoba Road Trips: 48 Hours in Winnipeg

From luxury to joie de vivre, Winnipeg offers up culture, history and relaxation. Perfect for creating your ultimate 48-hour getaway.