Northern Manitoba
Discover our untouched wilderness

The North

Northern Manitoba is home to some of the most remarkable landmarks and landscapes in the province.

Pristine waterways and dense forests provide refuge to an abundance of wildlife.

Discover rich Indigenous culture, and northern cities and towns alive with vibrant art and festivals. For those who seek a deeper connection, you’ll find the land holds the stories of its original and ongoing caretakers, and the communities here shine with the legends of the past and the potential of the future.

Manitoba’s North is where wilderness and culture collide.

Discover more about this region, view or download the Manitoba North Trip Ideas Guide / Trouvez l’inspiration pour votre prochain voyage d’aventure dans le nord du Manitoba. Télécharger le Guide des visiteurs North MB

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6 wonders of Manitoba's north

In all its incredible vastness, northern Manitoba is home to some of the most remarkable landmarks and landscapes in the province.

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It seems like a world away, far removed from the bright lights of Winnipeg and Manitoba’s populated south. Thompson is one of those places you hear about in conversation with others who have lived there, or travelled for work, but it’s not one of those...

A view of Pisew Falls lit up by the late afternoon fall sun.
Manitoba North Roadtrips
10 Icons Of Manitoba's North
Thompson, a city that evokes images of waterfalls, clear-to-the-bottom lakes, pine-scented forests and mystical howling wolves.

Mind-blowing moments from my Churchill summer safari

“Welcome to Churchill. Either you’ll get it, and I won’t have to explain it to you. Or you don’t get it, and I’m not going to bother explaining it to you.” Our Lazy Bear Expeditions guide Jason – a goateed, sun/wind-kissed wildlife photographer – is an...

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Fall in love with Manitoba's other waterfall-Wekusko Falls

When you're thinking about Manitoba waterfalls, the Insta-worthy Pisew Falls may be what comes to mind. Or maybe it's the falls in the Whiteshell, like Rainbow or McGillivray Falls. A real Manitoba waterfall expert might even know that Kwasitchewan Falls...