Embrace the lakeside culture and Viking spirit of Gimli


The heart of New Iceland.

Icelandic settlers founded this lakeside community and their Viking roots live on through Gimli’s festivals, museums, public art and spirit for adventure on Lake Winnipeg.

A Viking revival on the edge of Lake Winnipeg

Gimli is a favourite day trip for Winnipeggers - at only an hour north of the city, visitors come for its beaches in summer and ice fishing in winter. But along the way, they are touched by a little elfin magic, as Gimli’s Nordic roots take hold.

Visit the proud statue at Viking Park, watch Viking battle reenactments at a festival, or embrace the Viking thirst for adventure while racing across the frozen expanse of the lake. Bite into flaky, freshly caught pickerel (what the locals call walleye) or sample the layered deliciousness of a traditional Icelandic treat - vinetarte. Shop at the oldest operating store in Manitoba and take home a piece of Gimli with you - it’s likely a piece of your heart will stay here when you leave.

Viking Territory

This lakeside town is about an hour drive north of Winnipeg and is a great summer or winter destination. It’s rich in history, art, culture and outdoor discovery. So take a trip to the heart of New Iceland and discover the ways Gimli lives up to its name.

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From Viking villages to sweet treats, here are 9 terms and sayings to get to know before taking a step into the Viking territory of New Iceland.

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