Manitoba Explorer App

Visit 100 locations across Manitoba to collect achievement badges and pins!

The Manitoba Explorer App is here to help you travel and explore every corner of this province. Hike through grass prairies, explore boreal forests, discover a museum or roadside attraction with the Manitoba Explorer App. Earn your badges and pins, collect Points Of Interest and compare your progress with other travellers.

Manitoba Explorer App
Compete against your friends, family and other app users!

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To download on iOS, follow the instructions below.

To Download on iOS

Follow the iOS button above, or click here (the app does not appear in the App Store*).

To add to your home screen, we recommend using Safari:

  • Open the above URL
  • Click the middle icon at the bottom of the screen (looks like a square with an up arrow )
  • Click “Add to Home Screen”

If you are using Chrome:

If you have issues installing or using the app, please review our frequently asked questions, or contact us.

*We have developed our app as a progressive web app (PWA), this ensures that the app is lightweight, easy to use and updates are seamless, however Apple currently excludes PWAs from being posted on their App Store.