Outdoor Experiences
Discover Wild & Peaceful Places

Outdoor Experiences

Explore the great outdoors all season long in Manitoba.

As the seasons change and the temperatures begin to drop, Manitoba shines with experiences made for the outdoor enthusiast.

The options for exploring the outdoors are as vast as our prairie skies. Whether you prefer a backcountry hike with your family, a fishing trip with your closest friends, or a solo bike ride through the boreal forest, Manitoba’s wilderness offers a range of fall activities for all adventurers.

Adventure awaits all season long in Manitoba.

Fall Experiences

Hiking & Biking Trails

Thousands of kilometres of trails for adventures in every season.


Get closer to Manitoba’s wilderness on a camping trip.


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Manitoba Winter Explorer Guide: 10 ways to snowmobile the province

There are many reasons why snowmobilers love Manitoba — the dense forest, the wide open lakes and the abundance of snow are just a few.

Manitoba Winter Explorer Guide: 10 places to hike and skate

Strap on your snowshoes or ice skates and stay active this winter by venturing out onto some of the province’s top winter hiking trails and skating rinks.

Manitoba Winter Explorer Guide: 10 places for family fun this season

Families who play together, stay together. Embrace winter in Manitoba by planning some family activities - both indoors and outdoors - that will have you enjoying the snowy season with some extra laughs.

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Manitoba Winter Explorer Guide: 10 ways to go ice fishing

Combine Manitoba’s numerous lakes with our cold winters and you’ve got ideal conditions for an incredible ice fishing destination! From close-to-Winnipeg day trips with angling outfitters to more remote all-inclusive lodge experiences, there’s a way for...

Manitoba Winter Explorer Guide: 10 places to strap on your skis

Manitoba’s landscape is ideal for dipping through forested areas on cross-country skis but that doesn’t mean we don’t also have some mean downhill slopes as well. From bunny hills and black diamonds to dips, dives, and straightaways, Manitoba’s winter...

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