Outdoor Experiences
Embrace the Chill all Season Long
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Outdoor Experiences

Chasing the Chill: A Seasonal Journey through Icy Delights

Manitoba welcomes the enchanting embrace of winter, beckoning outdoor enthusiasts with open arms. Here, winter transforms our province into a magical wonderland for all who cherish the great outdoors.

With our wide-open spaces and clear winter skies, Manitoba offers a world of adventure for everyone. Whether you're looking for family-friendly activities like skating or want to try ice fishing with friends, or maybe you're seeking solitude on a peaceful snowshoe trek through our beautiful boreal forests — Manitoba has it all.

Don't miss out on the excitement of winter in our province. This page is your starting point to discover some of the best winter activities and attractions. Use it to find ideas and plan your ideal winter adventure. Check out our inspiring video to see just how magical a Manitoba winter can be.

Experience the enchantment of Manitoba in winter. Adventure is just a click away.

Embrace the Chill with Thrilling Activities

Explore these 8 winter trails in Clear Lake Country with Hike Manitoba

It's not too late to cross one more thing off of your winter bucket list. We're talking winter hiking! Take a trip to Clear Lake Country and explore these 8 winter hiking trails. Whether it's your first time or your fifth time, explore somewhere new and...

9 Manitoba Hardwater Adventures For Those Who Have Never Been Ice Fishing Before

Every winter, thousands of fishing enthusiasts descend on Manitoba's frozen waterways for some good ol' hard water angling. And while there are endless lakes and rivers to set up on, these 9 ice fishing adventures provide all the fixings for when your...

Manitoba Winter Explorer Guide: 10 Ways to Snowmobile the Province

There are many reasons why snowmobilers love Manitoba — the dense forest, the wide open lakes and the abundance of snow are just a few.

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