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Wildlife Viewing

Sights and sounds of the wild.

Manitoba’s diverse landscapes means many different animals call our province home. Plus, with so many parks and accessible wilderness destinations, there are plenty of ways to view wildlife in a natural setting.

Watch polar bears and beluga whales in their northern habitats in Churchill. Bird watchers can witness the symphony of wings in flight during the fall migration season. Please be respectful and cautious when viewing wildlife – these are wild animals after all.

Polar bear illustration

Head to Churchill to see polar bears in their natural habitat.

Everything Churchill

At first glance, Churchill is a northern town like any other. But take another look and you’ll see Churchill is one-of-a-kind. Lying along the migration path of polar bears and beluga whales, Churchill draws wildlife enthusiasts from all over the globe.

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Did you know that Riding Mountain National Park is home to 40 plains bison that live in an enclosure by Lake Audy?

A mother polar bear lying down on the snow covered rocky shore, rests her head on her cubs back.

Wildlife Everywhere

Experiencing Churchill’s natural wonder triumvirate – kayaking with belugas, shooting the northern lights and seeing polar bears spar — is possible on the same trip, depending on the season.

Riding Mountain National Park bison

Among all the quintessential Manitoban views, seeing a bison standing tall in a golden field against the backdrop of a setting sun is up there as one of the best. Here are 10 fun facts you may or may not know about our beloved bison!

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