Outdoor Experiences
Get Ready For a Wild Experience

Outdoor Adventures

Explore Manitoba’s parks and wild places.

Enjoy a round of golf or a backcountry hike—the range of outdoor experiences in Manitoba is as wide as our prairie skies. As rolling fields give way to boreal forest and then exotic tundra, the shifting landscape makes for dramatic backgrounds no matter the adventure.

Feel the rush of reeling in a trophy fish or flying through the forest on a dogsled. Embrace the calm while watching the graceful dance of the northern lights or gently paddling across a lake at sunset on your next Manitoba vacation.

Northern Lights

See the northern lights up to 300 nights a year in Manitoba.

Horseback Riding

Horseback riding adventures in Manitoba’s heartland.

Get out and explore

Summer in Manitoba is a season to behold. As waterways open up, and the days grow long, it's the perfect time of year to get out and explore!

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Embrace the spirit of the Vikings! Every year the people of Gimli celebrate their Icelandic heritage with the Icelandic Festival.

Northern lights over the Poplar River

Must-See Highlights

In Churchill, the peak viewing time for witnessing the flickering green hues of the Aurora Borealis is between February and March, but you can view them almost 300 days a year.

polar bear tour

Go on a Tour

There are a variety of tours for viewing polar bears in Churchill in both the summer and fall season and deciding on which one is best for you depends on your level of adventure, your desire for exclusivity and your budget.

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