Central Region
Valley views and legendary lands

Central Region

Central Manitoba stories of prehistoric fossils and agricultural heritage.

Follow the birds and migrate to this delightful destination

The Central Manitoba region features many icons associated with Manitoba. It is an important agricultural area, a heritage that is celebrated at museums and events. Its waterways and valleys are migration corridors for a range of Birding, including waterfowl and raptors. Its charming cities and towns welcome you with family-friendly attractions and festivals that offer a taste of life in the heart of Manitoba.

Visit the The Central Plains Pembina Valley Tourism Network for more information on local activities and events.

Mosasaur fossil

A fertile greenbelt with prehistoric secrets

While the soil here is prized by farmers, it's also treasured by paleontologists. Once covered by an ancient sea, thousands of prehistoric marine reptile fossils have been discovered in the area around Morden. The Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre showcases many of these 80 million-year old treasures. This area of the province is on Treaty 1 territory

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Interlake Tourism

Outdoor adventures in the Interlake

Looking for a winter adventure? Look no further than the Interlake region of Manitoba! An ultimate 4 season retreat with wide-open spaces, and plenty of activities for adventurous souls. Here are 5 places to explore!

Lazy Days Retreat

Kick back and relax!

Lazy Days Retreat is your retreat for everyday. This cozy cabin nestled in the trees is the perfect place to unwind after any adventure. We have everything you need to make your stay complete!

New Iceland Heritage Museum

Discover Your Inner Viking

Visit the New Iceland Heritage Museum to learn the story about how Icelanders arrived here in 1875 and settled the area and still boasts the largest population of Icelanders outside of Iceland.

Portage la Prairie

Summer Fun!

Just a short 45 minutes west of Winnipeg, amongst the golden waves of prairie wheat fields, you will find the region of Portage la Prairie. Home to Manitoba's largest wave pool and the world renowned tourism assets.

Community Futures West Interlake

An Artist's Hidden Playground

Enter the imaginative world of Armand Lemiez's personal sculpture creations. The collection of cement statues provide the artist's often humerous take on politics and society.

Some of Manitoba’s must-see destinations are in the Central region. Discover the island on the prairies in Portage la Prairie and explore what they’re famous for in Morden-Winkler.
Hy-Wire Zipline Adventures

Take in the view

Hike to the top of the viewing tower at Pembina Valley Provincial Park or soak up in the sunset at Stephenfield Provincial Park. For a real adventure -- go on a thrilling zipline ride above the valley or fly down its slopes on ski.

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What do a fire hydrant, a pipe and a windmill have in common? They’re larger than life in the Central region.