Indigenous Experiences
Discover Manitoba’s Deep Cultural Roots

Indigenous Experiences

When your heart needs to reflect.

In Manitoba, we invite you to immerse yourself in the beauty of tradition, the flavors of the land and the stories that bind us together in a shared narrative of humanity. Whether you're captivated by cultural narratives or inspired by the desire to explore the deep connections that bind us all, Manitoba invites you to embark on a transformative journey through Indigenous Experiences.

Cultural Treasures:
Indulge in the authentic flavours of Indigenous cuisine at locally owned restaurants, where each dish carries a centuries-old story. It's a culinary adventure that nourishes both body and soul, providing a profound glimpse into Indigenous traditions.

New Horizons: Embrace fresh perspectives through immersive Indigenous-led workshops and tours. Here, you'll gain insight into age-old practices, ancestral wisdom and innovative adaptations that bridge the gap between past and present. It's an opportunity to view the world through a different lens and forge a deeper connection with the people and the land.

Celebrate Heritage: Dive into the vibrant celebrations that define Indigenous culture by attending a powwow. The rhythmic beat of the drum and the kaleidoscope of colorful regalia transport you to a realm of tradition and unity. Don't forget to explore Qaumajuq—the world's first Inuit art centre, where awe-inspiring artistry and captivating storytelling converge to create an unforgettable experience.

Use this page as your comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about Indigenous Experiences in Manitoba. Whether it's the cultural stories that draw you in or the desire to discover how we're all connected, explore the rich tapestry of history, culture, and unity.

Find Your Inspiration

10 Indigenous experiences you must have this season in Manitoba

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Around the kitchen table with Borealis Beading

So much connection happens around the kitchen table. Sharing stories, music, art and of course food brings people together in incredible ways. That’s how it feels with Borealis Beading’s Perlage: a Métis voyage. You show up without connection, even...

Reconnecting and rejoicing at Le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum

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Feature Experiences

Agowiidiwinan Centre

Discover the Agowiidiwinan Centre

Are you interested in learning more about Treaty education and awareness? By visiting the Agowiidiwinan Centre at The Forks, you will gain a deeper appreciation of the rich First Nations heritage of Manitoba.

National Indigenous Residential School Museum of Canada

Legacy and memorial Residential Schools

The Museum is a place where people can come and learn about the legacy of residential schools and memorial to survivors. It is told through displays, artifacts, pictures, books, songs, and showcasing Indigenous culture.

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