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St. Boniface Cathedral | Treaty 1

St. Boniface

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Bonjour and welcome to St. Boniface, the heart of Manitoba’s Francophone community. This bustling Winnipeg neighbourhood is bursting with charm and character. Located right across the river from The Forks, the magic of the French Quarter is rooted in its Francophone and Métis traditions.

Feel the joie de vivre of St. Boniface

Joie de vivre, or joy of living, is simply a way of life for this thriving community. Uncover the history and passion of the people by exploring the neighbourhood year-round. Stand beneath the ruins of the Cathédrale de Saint-Boniface, or learn more about the history of the Francophone and Métis at Le Musee de Saint Boniface Museum, Winnipeg’s oldest building.

Shop from local cheese and chocolate makers, wander through art galleries, and in the summer, step back in time at the fascinating Fort Gibraltar, where costumed actors reenact scenes from the voyageur era. There is much to do and see in Winnipeg’s quaint French Quarter.

As Western Canada’s largest winter festival, Festival du Voyageur has been celebrating Franco-Manitoban culture and history and embracing winter in St. Boniface since 1970.

Explore Winnipeg's French Quarter
Take a walking tour through the St. Boniface neighbourhood and visit its quiet cafés, boutiques and most historic sites.

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