The Gimli Glider Exhibit: Manitoba’s most unique aviation story

Posted August 26, 2017

On a fateful Saturday in the early summer of 1983, the little town of Gimli, Manitoba made big headlines as an Air Canada pilot pulled off one of the greatest emergency landings in aviation history. The Gimli Glider is surely one of Manitoba’s (and the world’s) most unique aviation stories – with a happy ending, too. The Gimli Glider Exhibit tells the story of an extraordinary moment of flight and innovation with memorabilia, aircraft parts and artifacts from the now-famous Boeing 767.

Head to this brand new museum in Gimli, Manitoba to take a deeper look into the history, the resulting inquiry and the impact that the event had on the aviation industry as a whole. Put your flying skills to the test and try your hand at landing the Gimli Glider in the flight simulator, or take a rest in real Boeing aircraft passenger seats to watch a variety of stories and films about the event. But before you take the trip to this Must-See-Um, let’s get the facts straight on what happened on July 23, 1983…

Practical information

On 1st Avenue just off Centre Street within the Lakeview Resort and Conference Center (beside the Robins Donuts) in Gimli, Manitoba


Daily from May to mid-September: 11 am – 5 pm / Fall & Winter Hours*: Open 12pm – 5pm
* Closed Monday & Tuesday unless otherwise arranged. The exhibit will open for school groups, conferences and private functions. For information contact: 204-642-5577


Family $20 (2 adults and 2 or more youth)Adults $7 Seniors $6 (over 60) Youth $5 (6-18)