Wood stairs and boardwalk across a small green lake at Spirit Sands. Some trees line the lake. Clear, sunny day.
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Uncovering the gems of Manitoba’s Provincial Parks

Manitoba has a whopping 90 provincial parks. That’s a lot of land and lake to cover.

10 Manitoba diners and drive-ins that Archie and the gang would totally love

Whether you’re a new fan of Riverdale or a long-time Archie comic fan, infusing modern life with retro aesthetic is all the rage right now.

Snuggle into a strange structure in Manitoba’s Parkland

These structures may be strange to some, but they are right at home here in Manitoba.

Finding your way to winter zen

While the Spring Equinox may be just around the corner, if the recent drop in temperature is any indication, winter has not yet had its final say. And so, this presents us with a few more opportunities for a go-around with the season that brings us such...

Look up: Manitoba’s biggest, boldest skies

From stormy horizons of heavy clouds and hopeful rainbows to the colourful ribbons of the Aurora Borealis; sky-gazing takes on a new meaning in Manitoba.

The spirit of the voyageur is alive and well at Festival du Voyageur

The spirit of the voyageur endures at Festival du Voyageur, the largest winter festival in Western Canada. Here are 8 ways to tap into your inner voyageur at this Western Canada's largest winter festival…

A new side of an old family friend: Riding Mountain National Park in winter

I’m guilty of avoiding winter, especially since my kids are young and getting them outdoors can be a lot of work. I know the season can be magical, but rarely do I take time to discover it.

Riding Mountain Romance

Riding Mountain National Park will always hold a special place in my heart. It was where my husband Matthew proposed to me on bended knee in front of a campfire almost 10 years ago. Now, here we are two kids, a dog, and a couple of houses later and it...

Sam Waller Museum: A collection of oddities from around the globe

The Sam Waller Museum would make an excellent setting for an iSpy book. The founder, Sam Waller, coined himself a Pack Rat and called the museum a “Clutter-torium” – a nickname that was certainly no exaggeration.

Winter road trip – hello Brandon!

Road trips aren’t only for the summer. We had our sights set on a winter road trip to Brandon, for a weekend full of fun and discovery, without the crowds you might expect during the busy summer months. Here’s what Manitoba’s second largest city had in...

36 amazing facts about polar bears

Did you know that polar bears are actually black? Or that they can eat 100 pounds of blubber in just one sitting? Not just stars in Coca Cola commercials, polar bears are fascinating creatures; it’s no wonder they’re known as the ‘Lord of the Arctic’ in...

150 Things to do in Manitoba in 2017

Have you heard ? The biggest blockbuster of 2017 is going to be Canada’s 150th birthday! Join us this year in celebrating Canada’s big 1-5-0 all year long. Explore something new. Do something you’ve never done before. Make it an action packed adventure, a...

If these walls could talk: Manitoba’s historic theatres

Manitoba has had a long-time love affair with performing arts. The first live theatre on the prairies dates back to Red River Hall in 1867 (and the list that follow is impressive!) Because our isolation in the heart of Canada, Manitobans create out of...

Manitoba’s literary locales

Canada is a fertile ground for scribes, and Manitoba has produced some of Can-Lit’s most unique voices. Readers and wordsmiths alike must check out these stomping grounds of four of Manitoba’s most prolific authors.

Grow your heart 3 sizes bigger at the Home for the Holidays House & Heritage Tour

Calling all scrooges, grinches and angry elves. If you struggle with getting into the holiday spirit, might I make a suggestion? Add the annual fundraiser Home for the Holidays House & Heritage Tour to your list of ways to change your grouchy ways. On...

The north is calling: Walking unfamiliar terrain at Seal River Heritage Lodge

I can’t be the only one who has uttered the phrase when stepping off the plane in Churchill, Manitoba – and this is my own province! It was my first time visiting northern Manitoba, and I had my sights set on a remote lodge 60 kilometers north from the...

Living on the edge in the Town of Churchill

Life on the edge on the Arctic is just a little bit different. Churchill is Manitoba’s northernmost community, located where the boreal forest meets the tundra, on the shores of Hudson Bay. Every year, visitors who come here to see the wildlife end up...

Double, double toil and trouble 7 Halloween costumes inspired by Manitoba

While we didn’t see any proof in the form of pictures, we’re certain that there must have been an influx in Nutty Club and Flintabbety Flonatin costumes last year after we inspired the masses to think Manitoba for Halloween. But if you were one of the few...

Finding the true meaning of luxury (and lots of polar bears) in northern Manitoba

What is luxury? When it comes to travel, most of us—including me—picture hotels with lavish interiors, a 24-hour concierge, and marble bathrooms, Frette linens and Molton Brown toiletries. But my idea of luxury has been turned upside down. I blame it on a...

Scenic day trips from Winnipeg

Clear blue skies. Fluffy white clouds. Crisp orange leaves. The open road. Nothing like a scenic day trip through the country. We’ve picked a few of our favourites that combine beautiful vistas, delicious nosh and a little adventure along the way. Gas up...

Fall Suppers: a food scene cooler than you realize

Harvest time on the prairies means Manitoba’s oldest culinary tradition comes alive: the fall supper. From mid-September to mid-November, rural churches and community halls open their doors and offer buffets of down-home cooking, served with a side of...

Migration magic

What sound does the approaching winter make?

Manitoba’s world records

In the spirit of Olympic record-breaking performances, here are some of Manitoba’s own world records.

Thermëa in the summer: it just makes sense!

As I recently discovered on a sunny summer day, a trip to Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature is actually so much more than just relaxing — it’s a full sensory experience. The entire Thermëa experience, including everything you see, smell, hear, taste and touch...

New Elkhorn Resort Pool = Family Fun!

If you’re thinking of taking a trip to Riding Mountain National Park with your family this year, you should definitely consider staying at the Elkhorn Resort Spa and Conference Centre.

7 stores for antique hunting in Manitoba

Calling all collectors and bargain hunters: Manitoba is a hot spot for antique shopping. Our beloved antique stores are crammed with pieces from yesteryear for the most curious of shoppers; designed to thrill those on the hunt for valuable antiques, as...

Take a hike II: 6 more amazing trails in Manitoba

A short while ago, we published a “6 amazing hikes” post and you all went bonkers for it! It was one of our most popular pieces of all time. ALL TIME! There’s some serious trail love happening here in Manitoba.

Kids’ picks for summer fun

Schooool’s out for summer! With loads of long sunny days, summer is the time to make some family memories. Here are some sure-fire way to keep the kids busy this summer.

A midsummer dip? Gettin’ beachy on Lake Winnipeg

In 35 minutes, you could be at the beach. That’s right. From the northern edge of Winnipeg, it takes just over half an hour before you’re dipping your toes in the refreshing waters of the vast Lake Winnipeg.

Where to rent outdoors gear in Manitoba

For outdoor enthusiasts, Manitoba is a giant playground where one can cycle through the city, trek into the escarpment or camp along the Whiteshell – and those are just a few options.

Ripe for the picking: Manitoba’s berry boon

Manitoba’s annual crop of berries, saskatoons, raspberries and strawberries, come of age by late June. That’s also when legions of berry lovers hit fields across the province and harvest the sweet, luscious fruit for jams, pies and tarts.

Peek into a small farm in rural Manitoba: Hearts & Roots

If you’ve ever wandered through a farmers’ market during the warm months in Manitoba, you’ve likely come across many small farm producers who share their delicious, mouth-watering fresh produce with us each summer.

30 insanely delicious sweets and where to find them

Sometimes you just gotta satisfy those sweet, sweet cravings. Your mission, if you choose to accept, is to TREAT YO’ SELF this summer at one (or more!) of Manitoba’s many bakeries, sweet boutiques and ice cream shops.

8 routes to paddle in Manitoba

In Manitoba, summer means getting out and enjoying all that our rich environment has to offer, whether it be venturing out on a hike or dipping a paddle into one of our 100,000 lakes. Both beginners and seasoned pros can find a route to suit their needs,...

How to fall in love with Clear Lake (hint: it’s easy)

In the heart of Riding Mountain National Park, lies the comforting calm of Wasagaming, a charming, easy-going lake town chock-full of friendly folk and lovely places.

Mennonite Heritage Village: stroll around structures that built a bustling community

“The way of the pioneer is always rough.” The Russian Mennonites who arrived in Manitoba in the late 1800s would most likely agree with that statement. They embarked on a long, hard journey all the way to Canada with the hopes of finding good farmland and...

15 golf courses that will make you want to grip it and rip it

The golf is right, Bob. And it couldn’t be more right than in Southwestern Manitoba where the hills roll, the water meanders and the greens are lush.

10 summer festivals you can’t miss in Manitoba

If you thought we take winter seriously in Manitoba, wait ’til you see us in summer. Winnipeg is one of the most consistently sunny cities in Canada (in July and August, our capital city has 60 out of 62 days with measurable sunshine) and we jam pack...

Setting the scene for your northern Manitoba summer safari

Churchill, Manitoba is renowned as the Polar Bear Capital of the World for heart-pounding encounters with the world’s largest carnivore during their annual fall congregation in October and November. This remote town on the edge of Hudson Bay, however, is...

Manitoba in springtime: A birder’s paradise

With three major migration corridors and more than 390 species in the province, Manitoba is a birder’s paradise. The province’s diverse landscape-grasslands, wetlands, sub-arctic and Boreal forest areas-attract a diverse crowd of birds. Spring migration...

Floral fever in Manitoba

Is there anything that better awakens our senses to the summer months than the fresh smell of flowers in bloom? Whether you are an avid gardener or just wear the occasional floral crown at one of summer’s festivals, it’s time to appreciate the lush beauty...

Take a hike: 6 amazing trails in Manitoba

Hiking in Manitoba means you never need to worry about altitude sickness. But that’s not to say the province’s broad, sweeping canvas is bland. Ma Nature painted in tall wild grass prairie, rolling, forested hills, undulating river valleys, vast wetlands...

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