Journey to Churchill in the heart of Winnipeg

Posted October 20, 2017 | Author Reba Lewis

What better way could there be to welcome the weekend than with a family trip to somewhere fascinating! Luckily, if family time is foremost on your mind and you’re looking for the perfect weekend getaway, Winnipeg has one of the best attractions that’s not only fitting for the entire family, but will have your kids hyped long after they’ve left. At Assiniboine Park Zoo’s Journey to Churchill, you can come face to face with polar bears, become enchanted by wolves, while falling in love with snowy owls and arctic foxes. Here are a few of the experiences that make Journey to Churchill such an unforgettable one.

A Wapusk welcome

Every guest deserves a warm welcome, and the inukshuk that greets you at the entrance of Journey to Churchill is Winnipeg’s way of doing just that. Wapusk Lowlands beckons you with some of the zoo’s most fascinating animals, including owls, Arctic fox, caribou and wolves.

Entrance to the Arctic

If polar bears are what you came hoping to see, then the underwater viewing tunnels of the Sea Ice Passage in the Gateway to the Arctic will usher you in to an encounter unlike any other where these graceful giants swim and ringed seals look on curiously. The shadows cast and light reflected off the water and glass create an overwhelming feeling of serenity, all while inspiring a sense of awe.


Another of the Arctic landscape’s most fascinating displays can also be found right here at Assiniboine Park Zoo. Just inside the Gateway to the Arctic lies the domed Aurora Borealis Theatre where you can look forward to a treat of northern lights in all their splendour and 360-degree wall that projects spectacular views of Manitoba’s horizons.

Expectancy and nostalgia

Culminate your Journey to Churchill at the town’s coastline. Assiniboine Park Zoo’s Churchill Coast is designed to resemble and inspire thoughts of Churchill, giving visitors who have never been a sense of what it is like, while creating feelings of nostalgia for those who have already been. The Tundra Grill offers a lively lunchtime experience where polar bears are in full view, while the Polar Playground will keep energetic kids engaged.

Fun facts

At last, you’ve finally experienced the amazing Journey to Churchill, but don’t bid farewell until you’ve stopped by the Leatherdale International Polar Bear Conservation Centre where you’ll discover fun facts and see cool displays. These hands-on interactive, interpretive experiences are also a great way to learn more about polar bears, the Arctic ecosystem, climate change and the role we all play in reducing our impact on the environment.

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