6 Manitoba cocktails sure to warm you up this winter

Posted December 08, 2015 | Author Travel Manitoba

This winter, toast your guests with one or two (or all) of these fun, festive Manitoba-inspired cocktails. All of our drink recipes require Canada’s best—no, make that the world’s best—whisky, Crown Royal, which is distilled right here at home in Gimli, Manitoba. Be sure to add one one of these concoctions to your winter fêtes and feasts…

Flushed Cheeks

After a day spent on the river trail doing that whole “winter and chill” thing, you’re going to need something to warm up those flushed cheeks. This sweet concoction will add a little warmth to your smiling face.


Just like reeling in a monster cat, this shot is not for the weak-armed. But if you can down one, you’re well on your way to becoming a Master Angler. Actually, that’s not remotely true, but I’m pretty sure this fish liquid will put hair on your chest.

The Manitoba Social

The Caesar is a staple in our culture and so is a good social. Add them together and you have a world-class party. As with most Caesar recipes, it’s all in the garnishes. This savoury potion pairs best with salami on rye with mustard.

Kiss of the Narcisse

You can try to kiss the ladies of Narcisse, but you’ll have to wait in line. A very long, slithery, mating-ball kind of line. While you wait, you might as well sip on a crisp martini that has a bit of bite.

Beluga Rye-D

Pairing the world’s best whisky with the world’s coolest travel experience is a no-brainer. This is the perfect fizzy refreshment to imbibe after a day spent swimming with the singing belugas of Churchill.

Hot Tundra Toddy

You’re way up north, you’re ready for the thrill of a lifetime, but you forgot your mittens. Oh no! A hot tundra toddy is just the ticket to warm your hands – and insides – while you wait for a friendly Manitoban to lend you their extra pair. You’re now ready for a nice long day watching wild polar bears roam the tundra.

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