Take a hike II: 6 more amazing trails in Manitoba

Posted June 22, 2016 | Author Travel Manitoba

A short while ago, we published a “6 amazing hikes” post and you all went bonkers for it! It was one of our most popular pieces of all time. ALL TIME! There’s some serious trail love happening here in Manitoba.

Woman looing up at the cliffs on a hiking trail in the Clearwater Lake caves

Thing is, since only six trails were mentioned in that article, we started to hear about all your other faves that didn’t make the list. Well, that’s just not right. So we scoured through your comments and created this new list of terrific treks for your hiking boots to go a walkin’ right on over to…

Hunt Lake Trail

This is the trail that pretty much every Manitoban puts at the top of their list. Located in the Whiteshell, Hunt Lake Trail is a 13 km challenging hike that winds you around the east side of West Hawk Lake leading you north to Little Indian Bay. You want striking scenery while you bust out a sweat scaling the steep rocks of the Canadian Shield? You got it here.

The Caves of Clearwater Lake

Climbing through caves is always a win. Along the southern shores of Clearwater Lake, the Caves Self-guiding Trail will lead you to deep crevices that formed when rock masses split away from shoreline cliffs eons ago. This is not a long trail, return distance is 1.2 km, so you might want to check out the Karst Spring Self-guiding Trail in nearby Grass River Provincial Park aftewards.

Turtle’s Back

C’mon, with a name like that, you have to give this turtle a hurdle. Starting at William Lake, Turtle’s Back Trail leads to one of Turtle Mountain’s highest points where a tower gives you the best vantage point for a breathtaking view of southwestern Manitoba. Perfect for a panoramic photo! The trail also passes through Turtle Mountain Community Pasture where local livestock roam and graze. And we all know grazing cows are ridiculously photogenic. Steep elevation near the summit makes this trail a challenging yet rewarding hike.

Gorge Creek

Gorge yourself on nature’s endless bounty on what is oft considered Riding Mountain National Park’s best hike. Gorge Creek Trail will take you along steep slopes where you can observe the effects of thousands of years of erosion — a gorge cut out of bedrock that forms part of the Manitoba Escarpment. You will be surrounded by aspen/hazel forests and oak/nanny berry scrubland, traipsing under a bevy of green ash, white birch, Manitoba maples, American elms and completely enveloped in Canadian amazingness.

See why Hike Bike Travel felt transported to a rain forest in Costa Rica when hiking the Gorge.

Crow Wing Trail

Fancy a historic journey through a vast sea of wildflowers and tall grasses? The Crow Wing Trail is the longest section of the Trans Canada Trail in Manitoba. The trail offers unlimited opportunities for nature lovers, birders, artists, historians, photographers, cyclists and explorers. Also, don’t you just want to take that classic “touching tall grass in a field of waving wheat” photo? With this trail being 191 km long, there’s plenty of places to get that shot.

Walking on Ancient Mountains

Sink your teeth into a trail with a deep bite. Situated north of Black Lake in Nopiming, Walking on Ancient Mountains will lead you to a rock outcrop with a magnificent view of Tooth Lake — probably one of the best-named lakes ever. On this 2 km hike, you’ll see firsthand the vigorous growth of a young forest after a major forest fire. And, you can examine rocks exposed by the fire, which reveal that ancient mountains once towered above here.

Is one of your favourites on this list? What amazing treks did we miss? Tell us in the comments!

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