7 stores for antique hunting in Manitoba

Posted June 23, 2016

Calling all collectors and bargain hunters: Manitoba is a hot spot for antique shopping. Our beloved antique stores are crammed with pieces from yesteryear for the most curious of shoppers; designed to thrill those on the hunt for valuable antiques, as well as those just looking for a unique addition to their kitchen decor. Here are 7 stores for antique hunting in Manitoba…

Old House Revival

324 Young Street, Winnipeg

The antiques sold in the Old House Revival aren’t the only things with a storied past – the building itself is one of Winnipeg’s historic warehouses, originally built in 1914 for Fort Garry Dyers and Cleaners Limited. In 1962, it became an auction house before being sold in 2002 to the current owner. Now, bursting with charm and eclectic goods, the Old House Revival is home to unique antique furniture, lighting, hardware and more, spread out over four floors.

Delaquis Antiques

2108 Provincial Trunk Highway 59, Ile des Chênes

Located a quick 20 minutes south of Winnipeg, Delaquis Antiques are the experts when it comes to refinishing, restoring and repairing antique furniture and vintage items. Wandering the 2000 square foot showroom is an excellent way to spend a rainy afternoon (who are we kidding? any afternoon) – especially for collectors.

Whytewold Emporium

190 Gimli Road, Matlock

Country Jenny’s Antiques is nestled into the second floor of the Whytewold Emporium – one of the best kept secrets in the Interlake. This treasure trove has all the usual suspects – from collectibles to signs to memorabilia to antique furniture – waiting to be uncovered by a collector, an enthusiast or a curious passerby.

Johnson Terminal Antique Mall

Johnson Terminal, The Forks, Winnipeg

Over 30 vendors converge in the Johnson Terminal Antique Mall at The Forks – meandering on the lower level of the Johnson Terminal. Fair warning: You may get lost in the 7000 square feet of artifacts, heirlooms and collectables, but there will always be something new to look at while you find your way back. A great way to take a break from the sun on a summer day at The Forks National Historic Site of Canada!

Mikes General Store

52 St Anne’s Road, Winnipeg

Chances are, if you’ve driven down St. Anne’s road, the colourful and eclectic storefront of Mikes General Store has caught your eye. Established in 1979, this antique store is crammed with toys, tins, signs and really, everything in between. Photos are taken monthly of stock, which means you can browse the selection before heading out on your antique hunt.

The Gypsy Traders

201 Manitoba Avenue, Selkirk

The mother-daughter team behind The Gypsy Traders have over 40 years of combined experience, focusing on buying and selling treasures of all kinds, at an affordable price tag. True to their name, the team started off by traveling throughout the province, but are now located at a storefront at 201 Manitoba in Selkirk.