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50 Things to Do This Spring in Manitoba

From fun festivals to beautiful hikes to patio dining, this is a great season for exploring the best of what Manitoba has to offer. Read List

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10 gorgeous places to camp this summer in Manitoba

A summer without camping isn't summer at all. This is a sentiment shared by many (I'd argue, most) Manitobans and one that rings true to my heart. While you may already have your go-to spots and your seasonal sites secured, I challenge you to expand your...

14 road-trip-worthy restaurants you absolutely have to try this summer

If you love long drives and equally adore dining out, we suggest combining your two loves and make an outing of it. Whether you live in the north, south, east or west, there’s some good grub just a drive away. Here are 14 dinner destinations we think are...

Game of Thrones: Manitoba's Seven Kingdoms

Unless you’ve been living under a Casterly Rock, you’d know that one of TV’s most watched series ever is about to come to its final oathbreaking conclusion. With this in mind, we couldn’t help but notice Manitoba bears some striking resemblances to...

7 reasons a Winnipeg Goldeyes Game is just the ticket for a perfect summer evening

The crack of the bat. The lush green of the field. The smell of popcorn and hot dogs drifting on a warm breeze. Baseball and summer--it's a match made for enjoyment. Out at Shaw Park in downtown Winnipeg, the Goldeyes have been hitting it out of the park...

Free fun in Manitoba is only as far away as your imagination

Free fun can sometimes be hard to find, with such events and activities far, few and in-between. But if you’re a if-it’s-free-count-me-in kind of guy or gal, you’d be pleasantly surprised to know that Manitoba speaks your language. Here are a few free...

A fat boy and a jambuster play spongee at a social!? A guide to decoding Manitoba lingo

To an outsider, a “Goog” “meat shoulder” or “booter” sound like the punchline of a bad joke. But to a Manitoban, these words actually have meaning. English and French are widely spoken across Canada, but every region has a unique vocabulary only...

9 Reasons to Love Winter in Manitoba

Winter is pretty amazing. And in Manitoba, winter isn’t just a mere season–for part of the year, it’s a way of life. As a result, we embrace it with a host of events and activities you simply can’t experience any other time of year. Try having dinner on...

9 Things to Do in Manitoba If You're An Introvert

Chances are you know someone in your life who's an introvert. Or maybe you are one yourself. Maybe you seek solitude. Maybe you're looking for open spaces without too many people.

9 Instagram-worthy spots to take pictures of your pet

You’ve heard it been said, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.”

10 reasons Manitoba is one of the best regions in the world

Manitoba can sometimes be taken for granted, even overlooked. But for those who have chosen to give the prairie province a chance, they have discovered why Manitoban pride abounds and what makes this place so special.

8 Manitoba museums you might want to steal from (but obviously, you shouldn't)

Let's face it, the items found in museums can be pretty cool. Things are old, beautiful, handcrafted, shiny and contain stories of the past. It's sometime hard not to wander through a space and wish you could have that amazing painting hanging on the wall...

12 gift ideas for the proud Manitoban in your life

Are you on the hunt for a gift for the ultimate Manitoban in your life?

20 polar bear photos that will inspire and amaze you

With polar bear viewing opportunities in both fall and summer, it's no surprise that Churchill (known as the Polar Bear Capital of the World) has become a major tourism destination, where wildlife enthusiasts and photographers can view polar bears from...

Look up and find 7 of the best ceilings in Manitoba

Ceilings have been decorated and adorned for centuries. Indeed, there's something awe-inspiring about standing beneath an intricately designed ceiling that fills your entire vision. And lucky for us, we have quite a few beauties right here in Manitoba....

10 of the smelliest spots you need to visit in Manitoba

They say that certain smells can evoke the strongest memories. Just a whiff of something from your past can transport you to another time and place.

10 treats you wish you’d find in your trick-or-treat bag

You don’t have to be a fan of Halloween to admit the treats that usually accompany this ghoulish affair are the stuff sweet dreams are made of.

Game time: The best spots in Winnipeg to watch sports

Despite the lowering temperatures, premature snowfall, and post-summer blues, October will always be the true most wonderful time of the year for one chunk of Manitoba’s population: sports fans!With the Jets season underway, football going strong,...

10 spectacular views in Manitoba that you have to see with your own eyes

Since most people still think of Manitoba as having only flat, prairie landscape, it may come as a surprise that our province actually has three diverse ecosystems: prairie, boreal and tundra.

Loved fall before it was cool to love fall? Check out these Manitoba fall musts

It's the most wonderful time of the year (depending on who you ask, of course), as the temperature drops a little, the sweaters come out and the air turns crisp.

Craft sale season is here! Your guide to 2018 Manitoba craft shows

With craft season right around the corner in Manitoba, we'd like to extend a little challenge. There are over 50 craft shows happening throughout the province, which means it's easier than ever to buy LOCAL for the holiday season.

Go off-road on a rough and tumble Rocky Lake Resort fishing adventure

Less than half an hour north of The Pas is Rocky Lake – one of those quintessentially northern Manitoba lakes, ringed by towering trees and rough rocks.

2 ways to spoil yourself at the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport

In between early mornings, connections and flight delays...travel can be hard. But that doesn't mean long travel days need be stressful.

Fall in love with Manitoba's other waterfall-Wekusko Falls

When you're thinking about Manitoba waterfalls, the Insta-worthy Pisew Falls may be what comes to mind. Or maybe it's the falls in the Whiteshell, like Rainbow or McGillivray Falls. A real Manitoba waterfall expert might even know that Kwasitchewan Falls...

7 super cool bridges you MUST cross in Manitoba

The old idiom goes, "I'll cross that bridge when I come to it" - but why wait for a chance encounter?

How to celebrate Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival like a Ukrainian

Вітаємо to Canada’s National Ukrainian Festival, a three-day celebration of all things Ukrainian that takes place every August long weekend at the Selo Ukraina site on the slopes of Riding Mountain National Park. People from across Canada make their way...

The dos and the don’ts of Gimli’s Icelandic Festival

Gimli is the sort of place that people love to flock to during the summertime, especially on the weekends.