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50 Things to Do This Spring in Manitoba

From fun festivals to beautiful hikes to patio dining, this is a great season for exploring the best of what Manitoba has to offer. Read List

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6 Manitoba cocktails sure to warm you up this winter

This winter, toast your guests with one or two (or all) of these fun, festive Manitoba-inspired cocktails. All of our drink recipes require Canada’s best—no, make that the world’s best—whisky, Crown Royal, which is distilled right here at home in Gimli,...

I’m digging it!

As a kid I had aspirations to be both a geologist and an archaeologist, so when I had the chance to go on a fossil dig at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre in Morden, I jumped on it. My 12 year-old self was pumped! And my present-day self – now the...

Top 10 wildlife encounters

Do you have wildlife wanderlust? It’s that feeling you get when you spot a wild animal on your travels – the one that leaves you mesmerized and tingling with excitement. Ranging from the dangerous to the unique to the elusive, Manitoba is full of wildlife...

Geocaching – Treasure hunting with technology

While it’s unlikely you’ll turn up a chest full of gold doubloons, geocaching is today’s version of treasure hunting. Instead of a map where ‘X’ marks the spot, you’ll use a hand held GPS unit or smart phone to track down caches, or hidden containers.

Top 10 Manitoba architectural icons

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights has made a striking impact on Winnipeg’s skyline. Designed by Antoine Predock, this impressive building’s concept was inspired by Canadian landscapes and features imagery of tree roots and out-stretched wings. Simply...