WPotrebka Photography

Have you ever wanted to see a wild Snowy or Great Grey Owl? Every year I drive thousands, and thousands of kilometers looking for Snowy and Great Grey Owls identifying the areas that will give you the best opportunity for viewing and photography.

I specialize in excursions leaving from WInnipeg, Manitoba Canada. I will customize the day to maximize the chances of locating the image you are after. Have a layover day on your way to Churchill to see the Polar Bears. Don’t just waste it in the Hotel. Let me build a day that will get your creative juices flowing for that trip of a lifetime.

All birds are completely wild, and never baited. The welfare of the subject is always my main concern. I have several different areas for each species and rotate tours amongst them. This ensures that the birds that we photograph are never over-pressured. Since all birds are wild, and unbaited I can not guarantee that we will see the intended species, or if we do, how close we will be able to get to them. I also will not chase a bird if we get too close and accidently flush it from its perch. As I have stated, the welfare of the subject is always my main concern.

A typical full day tour would start with me picking you up at your hotel or our meetup location. I keep my tours small, up to 3 people maximum, to ensure I can give each of my clients all the attention they require. Then depending on what you have requested, we may start our search right in the City of Winnipeg, or the surrounding area. Then we would head further afield continuing our search. This could take us several hours outside of the City of Winnipeg. Lunch would be a stop at a local restaurant in the area we are searching. After lunch our search would continue until sunset.

I’m not just your driver, but also an award winning photographer. I can answer any of your photography questions and am more than willing to offer advice. I have led Bird Photography seminars attended by people all over the world. Normally I would not even be taking images for myself while guiding. My main goal is to help my clients get the best images possible. I am fully licensed by the Province of Manitoba and have secured guiding permits for the best areas in Southern and Central Manitoba. I have called Manitoba my home for my entire life, and have an intimate knowledge of the areas that we will visit.
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