Moose standing in snow covered clearing in Riding Mountain National Park
Riding Mountain National Park
Welcome to the wilds of Manitoba

Riding Mountain National Park

Spend time in Manitoba’s most popular national park.

Covering three different ecosystems—grasslands, upland boreal and eastern deciduous forests—Riding Mountain offers diverse terrain to explore and a variety of wildlife to discover. Riding Mountain National Park is also only one of five Canadian national parks that has a resort town.

Hike, swim, camp and spend time in the natural beauty of Riding Mountain National Park

This year-round hotspot is known for all things that make exploring the outdoors great. Here, you can hike, boat, view wildlife, camp, skate, cross-country ski and kayak to your heart’s content.

Summer offers unforgettable days spent on the crystal-clear waters of Clear Lake and Deep Bay; while autumn’s brilliant foliage will captivate you as it paints the escarpment in hues of orange, red and yellow. In the winter, the park becomes a snowy wonderland where you can stay in a four-season oTENTik or take part in a winter festival.

Did you know that Riding Mountain National Park is home to 40 plains bison that live in an enclosure by Lake Audy?

At the south entrance of Riding Mountain National Park is the townsite of Wasagaming. In the summer, this quaint, bustling town welcomes visitors to a unique collection of restaurants, bakeries, boutique hotels, cabins, mini-golf, locally owned shops and more.

Did you know that Riding Mountain National Park is home to 40 plains bison that live in an enclosure by Lake Audy? The bison that roam the 500-hectare enclosure are descendants of a small group that were introduced from Elk Island National Park in the 1940s, in an effort towards conservation of the rapidly disappearing species.

See Manitoba's diverse wildlife in Riding Mountain National Park.

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10 Amazing Places in Riding Mountain Park

Many people know Riding Mountain Park for its great camping, gorgeous hikes, stunning lakes, watchable wildlife and breathtaking views. But today, let’s dig a little deeper and share some of those gems only most locals know about.

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