Hot this week – April 30 to May 6

What a week we have ahead! There is soooo much going on that there’s really hardly any excuse – at least none that we could come up with – to not feast with all of our senses engaged on what’s hot in Manitoba. And for some reason, this weekend is brimming even more than usual with a host of exciting

Hot this week – April 23 to 29

You know that feeling where after a long day of work you just want to head home and crash? But then you end up vegging out, mindlessly watching the latest episode of whatever’s on TV. We know. We’ve done that too. And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending an evening in, there’s usually just that little bit of energy left to do something more. So, this week, we challenge you – and ourselves – to do just that: something more. And just looking at the gorgeous weather after a long winter, we all deserve that something more. With that stated, here’s what’s hot in Manitoba.

10 restaurants, cafes and bakeries that will make springtime in Manitoba SO MUCH MORE delicious

Header Photo: Hildegard's Bakery by  Wild Thistle Design We love springtime in Manitoba. And you know what? We like to think that spring loves us too. Sunny skies and chirping birds beckon us gently out of our cozy winter abodes as we open our windows to the crisp, pleasant spring air and begin to envision all that the warmer months bring to the province. It's an exciting time. If you are ready to enter the season of new beginnings, start with trying each of these 10 restaurants, cafes and bakeries that will make springtime in Manitoba that much more delicious! 

Have your cake and eat it too at these six Manitoba attractions with restaurants

I’ve never understood the semantics of the old saying “you can’t have your cake and eat it too”. Why not?! After all, what is the point of having a scrumptious piece of cake if I can’t very well eat it? I do, however, adore the old adage of killing two birds with one stone. Now that makes a lot more sense to me, especially when it comes to two things that we all love doing: exploring the province and dining on all of its delectable delights. So let’s do away with the idea of cakes we can’t eat and instead, combine our love for getting out to our local attractions and treating ourselves to some good grub. Here are six Manitoba attractions that let you dine before, after and in-between your adventures.

Hot this week – April 16 to 22

This Sunday is Earth Day, a global event that reminds us all of our responsibility to maintain a clean and healthy environment for the generations to come. The day also marks the efforts of a multi-year campaign aimed at ending plastic pollution. As you head out to enjoy the frills and fancies of an event-filled week, don’t forget how much of an impact your own actions have on preserving the environment. Every little effort you make goes a long way. Live it up this week and enjoy all that’s hot in Manitoba.

7 totally thirst-quenching ways to wet your whistle in Manitoba this summer

As summer comes ever tantalizingly closer, one becomes of the mind of frosty beers sipped on patios, crisp whites paired with meals eaten al fresco and that first steaming mug of tea in the morning as you savour the sunrise over the lake at your cottage. Manitoba is home to numerous crafters, creators and distillers of a variety of sips and tipples both of the spirited kind and not. So sit back, crack a cold one and mull over these locally grown options. 

Hot this week – April 9 to 15

The weather reports are looking promising with temperatures in the pluses being forecast all week long. And it couldn't be better timing with some exciting things happening in the province. The Hermetic Code reopens this week, the theatres are abuzz with great productions, and the Manitoba Maple Syrup Festival and the Winnipeg Comedy Fest will also be in full swing. Take a look at what’s hot in Manitoba.

6 ways to have fun at the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada

From vintage passenger planes to shiny propeller planes, the Royal Aviation Museum of Western Canada is the place to go for the plane lover in your life. Even if you're not a plane aficionado, you won't be able to help but marvel at the sheer size, scale and complexity of these winged machines.  Of course, for the littlest ones among us, planes hold an entirely different level of magic, mystery and marvel--how do those things get into the sky anyway?--and the aviation museum is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with your family.