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Binge watch these tv shows and movies starring Manitoba

Header photo: Tales from the Loop As we continue to #stayhome, we find ourselves quarantined with our friends Netflix, Amazon Prime, Crave, iTunes and You Tube. Since you've binged watched all your favourites by now, the next time you catch yourself scrolling mindlessly through the table of

Finding solace with Manitoba music

Turning up the tunes can help to sooth the noise in your head. In uncertain times, we often turn to artists for comfort...especially musicians. Whether it's their sound or lyrics, musicians have a magical way of putting things into perspective. Since we've got more time on our hands as we continue

Manitoba DIY: How to make a cute felted bison

We all have our own ways of coping with the new normal that comes with the COVID-19 pandemic. For me, being creative is a welcome distraction that helps to clear the mind from well... everything . If you feel the same way about creativity and want to try something new, may I suggest felting? The cost

Take up a new hobby at home: if you want, no pressure

There has been much ado about how best to handle your time at home during this global pandemic. Do you learn a new language? Start a side hustle? Get into the best shape of your life? Maybe. Or maybe you just hang on, eat some cookies and hope for the best. All of these answers are okay--you do you

How to host your own Manitoba anti-social at home

I'm hosting an anti -social and you're not invited! But you're more than welcome to host one just for yourself at home! We asked you to vote in our "Ultimate Manitoba Stay-at-home Poll" to determine what is the most Manitoban thing. It was a close race, but in the end, the classic Manitoba social

10 ways Animal Crossing is just like #ExploreMB

Those lucky enough to have Animal Crossings: New Horizons on Nintendo Switch may have noticed that exploring the island has many similarities to exploring Manitoba! While it might not compare to actual real life adventures, it's a nice and relaxing alternative while we all stay home. Plus, the Northern Hemisphere island is quite temperate and doesn't seem to have snow storms...yet. Excessive amounts of Bunny Day eggs aside, here are the top 10 things you can do in Animal Crossing that are just like exploring Manitoba!