Hot this week – October 22 to 28

Halloween is still more than a week away, but that has hardly stopped adrenaline junkies from seeking out the thrills that lead up to this one-night event. For those looking less for the scare-'em tactics, but still wanting to have every bit of fun that this province can throw their way, Manitoba has an exciting lineup of events that we're pretty sure will make the cut. Here's what's hot in Manitoba.

10 of the smelliest spots you need to visit in Manitoba

Header photo: Christian Lalonde They say that certain smells can evoke the strongest memories. Just a whiff of something from your past can transport you to another time and place. And while there are certain smells that are less than welcome, it's the ones that make us inhale a little deeper that

Hot this week – October 15 to 21

The weather outside may be bringing the chills, but that’s why we’ve got theatre to make it all better! This week marks the opening of the Royal MTC’s new season. And Cercle Molière is also pulling out the stops with a compelling new production. The Winnipeg Art Gallery, centre culturel

Frissons garantis à Saint-Adolphe

J’ai toujours aimé les films d’horreur, Halloween et toutes les occasions de se donner un peu de frisson. Pour ceux qui sont dans mon cas, la forêt hantée de A Maze In Corn, à Saint-Adolphe, est faite pour vous aussi! Un parcours d’une demi-heure, qui passe à une vitesse folle tant on enchaine les

Game time: The best spots in Winnipeg to watch sports

Header photo from The Pint Winnipeg Despite the lowering temperatures, premature snowfall, and post-summer blues, October will always be the true most wonderful time of the year for one chunk of Manitoba’s population: sports fans! With the Jets season underway, football going strong, baseball

Hot this week – October 9 to 14

Jazz shows seem to be dominating the entertainment scene this week in Manitoba. Of course that's not all that's happening, the haunted houses, theatres and festivals are also making a play for your attention this week! From the artful to the creepy and everything in-between, we’re pretty sure you’ll

Wicked and weird: Manitoba's most terrifying Halloween events 👻

If thrills and chills are right up your alley, give yourself a scare this Halloween with one of Manitoba's many macabre events that test the limits of all things creepy. From zombies and ghouls to vampires and clowns, there's something (...or someone ) to truly terrify everyone - just be sure to check the dates and times before proceeding. Here's how to catch a fright this October in Manitoba...

Hot this week – October 1 to 8

I don't know if you noticed, but we've already begun to see the flurries! That's a pretty good sign that it's time to get all bundled up in your coziest coat and warmest scarf; and don't forget those light gloves! You may soon be needing them if not already! Also on the horizon is Thanksgiving. So,