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Plot your next day trip to St. Norbert with these key stops

Ask just about anyone about the first thing that comes to mind when they hear “St. Norbert” and I’d bet you anything that the first response would be the farmers’ market. That the lively Saturday Saint-Norbert Farmers’ Market – also open on Wednesdays – is one of the highlights of this bilingual

Day trip: fur trade meets the 1950s in Lockport, Manitoba

Where in Manitoba can you get both fur trade history and the golden (chrome?) era of the 1950s all in one day? This quick day trip will take you north of Winnipeg to the area surrounding Lockport and St. Andrews - where you will find an eclectic mix of 1850s fortifications and retro eats.

10 things to do around Manitoba this week – Canada Day edition

Next Monday, we will celebrate Canada Day. But why wait till then? We’ve put together a list of activities to help you celebrate all week long and into the weekend. For a full list of events across the province, be sure to visit our website, Travel Manitoba . Do it all for the music at St.

Une visite hors du temps

Découvrir la maison d’enfance d’une auteure de grande renommée vous intéresse? La Maison Gabrielle-Roy est faite pour vous! Visitez, comme moi, la maison d’enfance de Gabrielle Roy, et laissez-vous emporter par l’ambiance du Manitoba des années 1910. En arrivant rue Deschambault, je suis restée

10 things to do around Manitoba this week

On the hunt for an activity or two to complete your week? We've narrowed this list one down to 10 opportunities for you to get out and about in Manitoba. Of course there's much more happening in the province. For a full list, visit our website, Travel Manitoba .