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Industry Surveys

COVID-19 Manitoba Tourism Impact Survey Results, April 14, 2020

Annual Reports

Each year, Travel Manitoba reviews performance and achievements in its annual report.
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2018/2019 Annual Report    English (7.6MB)   French (6.8MB)
2017/2018 Annual Report    English (7.2MB)   French (7.2MB)
2016/2017 Annual Report    English (7.4MB)   French (7.5MB)
2015/2016 Annual Report    English (2.6MB)   French (3.4MB)
2014/2015 Annual Report    English (2.6MB)   French (2.6MB)

Public Sector Compensation Disclosure

2019 Public Sector Compensation Disclosure (72.7KB)

Business Plans

2018 - 2021 Business Plan
2016 - 2019 Business Plan
2014 - 2017 Business Plan
2012 - 2015 Business Plan

Manitoba Tourism Strategies

Provincial Tourism Strategy (14MB)
Northern Manitoba Tourism Strategy Progress Report 2020 (3.5MB)
La stratégie touristique provinciale du Manitoba (3.2MB)
Northern Manitoba Tourism Strategy Report (2.3MB)
2019 - 2023 Northern Manitoba Snowmobile Tourism Strategic Plan (1MB)
2019 - 2022 Manitoba Indigenous Tourism Strategy (6MB)

Accessibility Plan

2019 - 2021 Accessibility Plan (3.5MB)

Brand Marketing

Travel Manitoba Brand Toolkit - Partner Guidelines   English (4.6MB)   French (3.6MB)

Advocacy Toolkits

General Advocacy Toolkit 
Eastern Advocacy Toolkit 
Interlake Advocacy Toolkit 
Northern Advocacy Toolkit 
Parkland Advocacy Toolkit 
Pembina Valley Central Plains Toolkit 
Western Toolkit


2013/2014 Annual Report    English (3.4MB)   French (3.8MB)
2012/2013 Annual Report    English (2.8MB)   French (2.8MB)
2011/2012 Annual Report    English (2.8MB)   French (2.8MB)
2010/2011 Annual Report    English (2.3MB)   French (4.5MB)
2009/2010 Annual Report    English (6.8MB)   French (2.7MB)
2008/2009 Annual Report    English (2MB)      French (2.2MB)
2007/2008 Annual Report    English (4MB)      French (1.9MB)
2006/2007 Annual Report    English (2.3MB)   French (2.3MB)
2005/2006 Annual Report    English (2.5MB)   French (3.2MB)

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