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Tourism Reports & Publications

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Annual Reports

2022/2023 Annual Report English
2022/2023 Annual Report French
2021/2022 Annual Report English
2021/2022 Annual Report French
2020/2021 Annual Report English (5.8MB)
2020/2021 Annual Report French (5 MB)
2019/2020 Annual Report English (4.4MB)
2019/2020 Annual Report French (4.4MB)

Marketing Plans

2024 Marketing Plan English / French
2024 Northern Marketing Plan English/ French
2024 Indigenous Marketing Plan English/ French
2024 Francophone Marketing Plan English/ French
2023 Marketing Plan
2023 Indigenous Tourism Marketing Plan
2023 Francophone Tourism Marketing Plan English and French
2023 Northern Manitoba Tourism Marketing Plan

Tourism Strategies

Manitoba Tourism Strategy

2023 Manitoba Tourism Strategy English / French
2022-2023 Manitoba Tourism Strategy Progress Report English / French
2022 Manitoba Tourism Strategy Progress Report (3MB)
2022 Stratégie touristique du Manitoba rapport d’étape
2021 Manitoba Tourism Strategy (5.3MB)
2021 Stratégie Touristique du Manitoba
2020 Provincial Tourism Strategy Progress Report (2.53MB)
2019 Provincial Tourism Strategy (14MB)
2019 La stratégie touristique provinciale du Manitoba (3.2MB)

Francophone Tourism Strategy

2022-2023 Manitoba Francophone Tourism Strategy Progress Report English / French
2022 Francophone Tourism Strategy (4.5MB)

Travel Manitoba Diversity, Inclusiveness and Anti-Racism Plan

Travel Manitoba is committed to making a more respectful and equitable workplace, free from discrimination.

Our plan includes a number of initiatives to promote anti-racism and anti-oppression:

  • Undertaking a comprehensive program of anti-racism training and follow-up for all staff and management;
  • Ensuring that our recruitment policies and practices support a diverse workforce, particularly for Black, Indigenous and people of colour.
  • Adopt recruitment practices that will address any shortcomings in the current scope of racial diversity and inclusiveness of Travel Manitoba’s workforce.
  • Hosting an industry conference that will address the need for greater education and awareness in the tourism sector of anti-racism and anti oppression.

In future stages, Travel Manitoba will review the policies and practices that will support us doing business as a better, more inclusive organization. These may include ensuring a level of diversity in our content creation, and removing any systemic barriers in our procurement practices.

Public Sector Compensation Disclosure

2022 Public Sector Compensation Disclosure (91KB)


2019 - 2022 Manitoba Indigenous Tourism Strategy (6MB)

2018/2019 Annual Report English (3.4MB) French (3.8MB)

2017/2018 Annual Report English (3.4MB) French (3.8MB)

2016/2017 Annual Report English (3.4MB) French (3.8MB)

2015/2016 Annual Report English (3.4MB) French (3.8MB)

2014/2015 Annual Report English (3.4MB) French (3.8MB)