Gather Around For a Cabela's Family Campfire Cookout

Posted December 17, 2023 | Author Desiree Rantala

It's time to gather around the flame! Who doesn't love bonfires? The ultimate family campfire cookout awaits. It's winter, and there's nothing more rejuvenating than getting out to play in the snow. Our friends at Cabela's know how to have a great time in the outdoors and are inspiring families to do just that. Make Manitoba made memories this winter season. Turn your cell phones on silent, and leave the city lights and car-honking nights behind for a trip outside of your regular routine.

Where To Go?

Head To A Nearby Park

Take a trip to a nearby Manitoba provincial park, public city park, or anywhere with an accessible regulated firepit or barbeque area for public use. This story takes us to beautiful La Barriere Park, located south of the City of Winnipeg.

La Barriere Park

Gone are the days of families spending time together without a cell phone within arms reach. While we long for quieter moments, we've become integrated with the digital age. But rooted in the stems of family bonding are time-old traditions that many Manitobans have grown fond of throughout the years. If you've grown up in Manitoba or live here, you're familiar with a campfire cookout. A campfire cookout in winter? That's extra special. The radiant heat of glowing flames brushing against your cold rosy pink cheeks, the smell of campfire and smoldering embers, and that teeny tiny little taste of charcoal that snags a ride on your marshmallow or hot dog.

As family generations grow, traditions are fostered, cultures are practiced, and stories are shared; all of which have been passed down generation to generation. Cabela's understands the importance of family, and this winter season they're inspiring families to head outdoors and make memories. And believe it or not, it all starts with a cast iron frying pan.

What To Bring:

Axe / Hatchet
Firewood / Kindling
Serving Spoon
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Parchment Paper
Match / Lighter

How About a Little
Hot Chocolate?

Hot Coco For Everyone

Cabela's offers an impressive lineup of Gourmet Village Hot Chocolate and there's truly something for everyone. From pink and blue colour changing hot chocolate for the kids, to taking a trip down candy cane lane, keeping it fresh with a white chocolate surprise, or signing up for double chocolate truffle, these packets are a fun and great family-friendly activity.

Opt in to bring a few thermos containers of hot water from home, or feel free to boil your own hot water on site.

That's The Way The
Cookie Crumbles

Deep Dish Delight

Let's dive into making the ultimate deep dish chocolate chip cookie over campfire for an epic family cookout. I recommend preparing the cookie ahead of time at home so it is one less thing to worry about.

Instruction Prep
Take your cast iron pan and line it with parchment paper, to prevent the cookie dough from sticking to the bottom of the pan. You can use either homemade cookie dough or store bought. In this instance, I purchased a can of cookie dough from the store. Give the parchment paper a light drizzle with oil or butter. Add in the cookie dough and spread around to fill the pan. If you wish, add some extra chocolate chips on top. Why not? Cover with tin foil.

Cooking Time
Once you've arrived to your site, you'll want to get the fire started as soon as possible. Coghlans Fire Sticks can help with that. Stoke that fire and brush the flame to one side, leaving glowing embers exposed for continuous radiant heat. Using the metal grate provided, you can place the pan on top. You'll want to slowly rotate the cookie clockwise every 5 minutes for about 35-40 minutes to ensure the cookie bakes throughout. The Cabela's Cast Iron Pan Cleaning Kit comes with a handle holder that will help keep your hands safe from heat and additional items for proper cast iron pan aftercare, later on.

Time For Toppings

Always Lick The Spoon

Ready To Eat
Every once in a while, feel free to open the tinfoil to see how your cookie is doing. If it looks cooked, it's time to eat! The GSI Spoons & Camping Bowls are lightweight and will make great additions to your outdoor equipment collection. Looking for a less-messy route? Re-use your Cabela’s Camping Mug for the ultimate cookie in a mug treat.

Time For Toppings
We know you're outside, and we know it's winter. All the better! Treat your family to a DIY topping bar. Everyone loves their cookie treats a little differently. Get creative! Besides, no worries about refrigerators around here.

Topping ideas can include:
Ice Cream
Whipped Cream
Chocolate Chips
Caramel Sauce

Memories Are Made Here

Family Fun Around The Fire

Whether it's to celebrate a birthday, a recent graduation, or 'just because', food brings people closer together. Cast iron pans are made to cook anything, anywhere, for generations. Give the gift of family time with the purchase of a Cabela's Cast Iron Pan that you can be passed down in the family. Stay comfortable and cozy with Cabela's line up of Camping Chairs, Blankets, and Cabela’s Toques.

Little ones may be too young to remember every moment, but I guarantee a few laughs with blueberries and making snow angels with grandma are sure to stand out for many years to come. For when life feels too big, sometimes you need to escape into nature, find a stick friend, and run your heart out into an open field. Take it from kids, they know how to have fun.

This winter season, gather around for a Cabela's family campfire cookout; where memories are made in Manitoba.

This story was a paid sponsorship with Cabela’s.

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