Manitoba Winter Explorer Guide: 10 Ways to Snowmobile the Province

Posted November 09, 2023

There are many reasons why snowmobilers love Manitoba — the dense forest, the wide open lakes and the abundance of snow are just a few.

While there are over 50 different snowmobiling clubs and nearly 13,000 km of groomed trails to be explored, here are just 10 to put on your map this winter. Be sure to research ahead of your adventure for information on trail passes. For more information including trail maps, visit SnoMan.

Lac du Bonnet and Lee River Area

The Lee River Snow Riders is the club responsible for maintaining over 200 km of picturesque groomed trails throughout the Lac du Bonnet and Lee River area. The trail system has five warm-up shelters with wood stoves for heating and cooking - so be sure to bring some lunch along on the ride. Opt in for chicken noodle soup in a thermos... it's a classic!

Canadian Power Toboggan Championship

Snowmobilers racing around a track in Beausejour.


The fastest racers in the world? A world-class racing track made of pure ice? Insane speeds of over 160 km/hr? The Canadian Power Toboggan Championships are set to return to Beauséjour for the home opener on December 9 and 10, 2023 and March 2nd and 3rd for the 62nd Canadian Championships.

Swan Valley Area

When asked about their favourite trail systems in Manitoba, snowmobilers bring up Swan Valley again and again. The Swan Valley Snowmobile Association takes exceptional care of 375 km of trails that wind through wooded terrain, meadows and rolling hills, with four warm-up shelters along the way.

Flin Flon Area

The further north you venture in Manitoba, the longer the winters! The Border Explorers Snowmobile Club has all the information you need on trails in Flin Flon, and if you're adventurous, challenge yourself with the 144-km trail from Flin Flon to The Pas.

Remember: safety first! Always let someone know where you will be going and the expected time of return or arrival.

Interlake Area

Snowmobiling on Lake Winnipeg, past an old fishing boat.

Well known for other winter activities like ice fishing, Manitoba’s Interlake area is also a hotspot for snowmobiling. The Interlake Snow Trackers maintain 430 km of trails that will take you through Arborg, Hecla, Riverton, Gimli, Winnipeg Beach and even across frozen Lake Winnipeg to Grand Marais - so plan to make some stops at local attractions and restaurants found along the route.

Virden Area

A person snowmobiling through a pine forest.

Experience winter along the Assiniboine Valley with over 200 km of groomed trails, courtesy of the team at Virden Valley Runners. The trail loops around Oak Lake and continues north to the town of Miniota. Get some friends together and make a day, or weekend of it!

Thompson Area

See the boreal forest in all its winter glory in the area surrounding the city of Thompson in northern Manitoba. Thompson Trailbreakers groom a vast network of trails that extend northeast and southwest from the city. Consider a stay at Sasagiu Rapids Lodge, which is located alongside the trail system and offers snowmobile rentals and a delicious restaurant on site for hotel guests.

Whiteshell Provincial Park

Two people sitting on a snowmobile sipping hot chocolate while they take a break during their ride.

Whiteshell Provincial Park grooms some of the most accessible and scenic snowmobiling trails in the province. 300+ km of trails will take you through thick forested areas and across frozen lakes of of the park. Plan to stay at one of the many lodges in the area including Tallpine Lodges, Inverness Falls Resort and Barrier Bay Resort.

The Pas OCN

A bright sun shining down on a snowmobile trail along a tree-lined, frozen, snow covered lake.
Cheryl Antonio

The Pas OCN lies in the middle of a remote wilderness dotted with lakes, rivers and forests. Snowmobiling allows you to explore and access more of this unique landscape than ever before, with trails and warmup shelters kept in top-notch condition by the Kelsey Trail Sno-Riders.

Pembina Valley Area

A person snowmobiling through an aspen forest.

Since 1992, the Pembina Valley Snow Kickers have been dedicated to promoting and developing snowmobiling trails in the South-Central and Pembina Valley region of Manitoba. That goal continues to be upheld today with beautiful trails that run through more than 15 communities - including Notre Dame de Lourdes, St. Leon, Clearwater, Morden and more.