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Posted October 04, 2023 | Author Jillian Recksiedler

When your heart needs calm, a stay at Falcon Beach Ranch in Whiteshell Provincial Park provides just the therapy to help relax and unwind.

One doesn't expect to find a ranch hidden among the boreal forest and granite rocks of the Canadian Shield (shouldn't this be in the middle of the rolling prairie?), but this is exactly where you find Falcon Beach Ranch. Tucked off the Trans Canada Highway between hiking trails and sandy beaches in the Whiteshell, Falcon Beach Ranch is owned by Devin and Kendra Imrie, second-generation ranchers who passionately share their lifestyle and love of horses with any traveller who stops in.

The ranch has been in the family for 45 years, with Devin and Kendra taking over the reigns from Marg and Murray Imrie while also raising their third-generation of ranchers (Thomas, Harriet and little Bea). Family comes first at the ranch, and this philosophy makes Falcon Beach Ranch one of the top family travel experiences in Manitoba.

For a generation of children (and parents) overstimulated with screens and busy schedules, a ranch stay is a way to slow down. When your heart needs calm, a getaway to Falcon Beach Ranch helps in these three ways:

By offering space to breathe

When you drive onto the property, you're greeted with a "cock-a-doodle-do!" Chubby pet ponies graze on the lawn, helping to keep the grass trimmed and the grounds inviting. Two pot-bellied pigs wobble between their tiny house and mud-filled pen, grunting away, wagging their tails, and never minding the guests who giggle at the sight of them. Marigolds shine bright in the garden, warding off the season's first frost. A pumpkin patch bursts with massive orange globes and warty green gourds.

Anyone is welcome to stop in at Falcon Beach Ranch - even if not overnighting at a cabin or going on a trail ride. The beautiful property offers an awesome lesson on farm animals and the working ranch lifestyle. You'll meet rancher Devin Imrie, likely driving a tractor, delivering a bale of hay to the horse corral for feeding time. Ask him about their 55 horses on site, and he'll tell you all their names, family lineage and personality. Kendra greets visitors, often coming out of the squeaky screen porch door of the office/gift shop, which is stocked with beautiful horse jewellery and locally made goods. Ask one of the kids about their "pets" and they are more than happy tell or show you more.

Take a deep breath and wander around a bit. You've got nowhere else to be except right here.

By offering a slice of solitude

Overlooking the ranch, perched on a rock ridge, three vacation cabin rentals are available for families looking to stay a little longer. The hand-cut, log cabins are rustic and inviting, each equipped with a screened porch, deck, wood stove, loft bedrooms and full kitchen. They can comfortably sleep six (three bedrooms with queen-sized beds) making it perfect for a multi-generational family getaway in any season. The absence of a TV means you connect by wandering the grounds, cooking a meal together or bonding over board games and puzzles (which are provided).

It's a form of therapy that you never knew you needed.

To add an extra level of calm to your stay, a communal hot tub and sauna is available to all overnighting guests. Soak away any pains, while yellow poplar leaves dance and fall around your head. In winter, a sauna ritual helps to flush away any worries.

By Offering Equine Therapy

There's no denying the calming energy of horses. Their gentle and curious demeanor is often used as a remedy for anxiety and mental health. Signing up for a trail ride is another way that wellness shows up at Falcon Beach Ranch. The herd is essentially family, so the horses are accustomed to a child's energy and are well-versed on trail rides. Guests are in the hands of experienced owners and staff who know just how to match each horse's personality with a visitor's level of confidence.

The ranch offers a variety of trail, pony, and sleigh rides at different times of the year. The standard 1-hour group ride is a great introductory way to reap the therapeutic benefits of horses, and fall is the perfect season to do it. Take in the crisp, fresh air; warm (but not too hot) sun; and the vibrant hues of leaves. Everyone understands the health benefits of nature. Now combine this with the lulling motion of being on horseback and the soothing energy radiating from the horses. You'll soon find that your mind stops racing and you surrender to the rhythm.

Whiteshell is renowned for its scenery, and Falcon Beach Ranch takes full advantage of the geography on their trail rides. They first lead riders on a sunny and sandy trail that opens onto a sweeping vista of old and new growth forest. Majority of the ride is spent in the shade on a mud trail through the mixed forest, where sun beams cut through the tall pines and bounce off the ancient rock.

The light illuminates the vibrant forest colours and warms your heart. Take a breath. Exhale.

Travel Manitoba staff was hosted by Falcon Beach Ranch, who did not review or approve this story.

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