Manitoba's Ultimate Soup Guide

Posted November 23, 2023 | Author Desiree Rantala

It's Soup season! There's no doubt about that. There's comfort coming in from the cold to a hot bowl of soup. You call on it when you need to warm up, are feeling under the weather, or want to satisfy your tastebuds. Soup is always there for you. The great soup debate is a classic one, which soup is superior? We were determined to find out. Here is Manitoba's Ultimate Soup Guide.

Do you like soup? You're in the right place.

We were on a mission to discover Manitoba's most popular soup. We put out the call for help, and you answered. When the frosty winds of winter sweep through Manitoba, there's no better way to warm your soul than with a steaming bowl of soup. It's the ultimate comfort food, and here in the heart of Canada, we take our soup seriously. That's why we hosted "Manitoba's Battle of the Soups," a sizzling showdown of flavours, fun, and community. We invited Manitoba to be the judge to determine Manitoba's most favoured soup. For three weeks, there were two battles every day on Travel Manitoba's Instagram Stories from November 1st to 29th. With over 26,000 votes and 32 soups in the bracket, it came down to two soups; french onion and broccoli and cheddar. With only a 14 vote difference, broccoli and cheddar took the title of Manitoba's Ultimate Soup. There was shock, there was confusion, there was celebration. On November 29th, we crowned our 2023 soup champion!

But, we're not here to leave you hanging in hunger, we're here to help.

Manitoba's Ultimate Soup for 2024: Brocolli & Cheddar

Runner Up: French Onion

Sip, Savour, Support Local

Winnipeg can be considered a metropolitan of soup for its melting pot of culture and cuisine. Heading to Downtown Winnipeg? You're at home with Soups, Sandwhiches and More - they really do have it all. If you're looking to try Indigenous cuisine, head on over to Feast Cafe & Bistro to try their incredible bison ramen! If you find yourself travelling in the Parkland area, you have to stop by Corrina's on Main for homemade, delicious soup. Corrina herself makes two fresh pots of soup, daily! Opt-in for something unique at Saperavi with Chuchvara, a bison dumpling soup. In search of a vegan soup? Head to The Mighty Kiwi on Corydon or Black Market Provisions on Osborne. Looking for a health kick? Try out the bone broth at Fortify. If you're looking to sip and stout, stop by One Great City Brewing for their unique beer and cheese soup!

"We love Stoneworks Bistro! They make everything from scratch and we love their daily soup specials that range from chowders to bisques."

- Josh & Lily, @WPGEats

Although we cannot list all of the soups possibly found here in our province, here are the 32 soups that competed in the Travel Manitoba's Battle of the Soups and where you can find them.

1. Chowder

Seafood Chowder - Fergies Fish and Chips - Winnipeg

Seafood Chowder - Friskee Pearl - Winnipeg

Clam Chowder - Silver Heights Restaurant & Lounge - Winnipeg

Lakefish Chowder - The Lighthouse Restaurant - Gull Harbour

Seafood Bisque - Dug & Betty's - Winnipeg

2. Dill Pickle

3. Three Sisters

4. French Onion

Resto Gare - Winnipeg

Riverboat Restaurant - Selkirk

Bakers Narrows Lodge - Flin Flon

Promenade Brasserie - Winnipeg

Colosseo - Winnipeg

Bison General - MacGregor

Maximes Restaurant - Winnipeg

Prairie Ink - Winnipeg

Hi Point Restaurant - Whiteshell Provincial Park

5. Zuppa Toscana

Stonework's Bistro - Winnipeg

6. Wonton

Kum Koon Garden - Winnipeg

Kim's Asian Restaurant - Brandon

Spicy Noodle House - Winnipeg

Hello Asian Fusion - Winnipeg

Dick's Cafe - Portage la Prairie

7. Pho

Pho Hoang - Winnipeg

Pho Cuu Long - Winnipeg

Phuong Nam Restaurant - Winnipeg

Kim's Asian Restaurant - Brandon

Pho Yo - Winnipeg

TH Dang - Winnipeg

Binh An Restaurant - Winnipeg

8. Lentil

Ramallah Cafe - Winnipeg

Red Curry Lentil - Black Market Provisions - Winnipeg

9. Split Pea

10. Sinigang

Jeepney - Winnipeg

Mangkok International Cuisine - Winnipeg

Rice Bowl Restuarant - Winnipeg

11. Tom Yum

Tom Yum Thai Restaurant - Winnipeg

Sabai Thai Eatery - Winnipeg

Sukothai - Winnipeg

Thida's Thai Restaurant - Winnipeg

12. Roasted Red Pepper

Block and Blade - Winnipeg

13. Minestrone

Colosseo - Winnipeg

Black Market Provisions - Winnipeg

14. Hot & Sour

Dick's Cafe - Portage la Prairie

Kum Koon Garden - Winnipeg

Smile Thai - Gimli

Kim's Asian Restaurant - Brandon

Spicy Noodle House - Winnipeg

15. Beef & Barley

16. Taco

17. Vegetable

Stella's - Winnipeg

Bernstein's Deli - Winnipeg

18. Broccoli & Cheddar

Black Market Provisions - Winnipeg

Saucers Cafe - Winnipeg

19. Borscht

Cabbage Borscht - Bernstein's Deli - Winnipeg

Beet Borscht - Oakwood Bistro - Winnipeg

Cabbage Borscht - Dawning Restaurant - Winnipeg

Kozak Food - Winnipeg

Cabbage Borscht - The Don - Winnipeg

Julia's Place - Matlock

Beet Borscht - Saperavi - Winnipeg

20. Tortilla

Sabor Latino - Brandon

Habanero Sombrero - Winnipeg

Del Rios - Winkler

Flavors of Mexico - Winkler

Sargent Taco - Winnipeg

21. Beef Lanzhou

Gol's Lanzhou Noodle - Winnipeg

22. Peanut Soup

Prairie Ink - Winnipeg

Spicy Noodle House - Winnipeg

23. Green Curry

Tom Yum Thai Restaurant - Winnipeg

Black Market Provisions - Winnipeg

Sabai Thai Eatery - Winnipeg

24. Butternut Squash

25. Avgolemono

Homers - Winnipeg

Kristinas - Winnipeg

26. Tomato

NuBurger - Winnipeg

Crafted Crust - Winnipeg

Kevin's Bistro - Winnipeg

Friskee Pearl - Winnipeg

27. Mami

Myrna's Cafe & Catering - Winnipeg

Jeepney - Winnipeg

28. Mushroom

Lady of the Lake - Brandon

29. Ramen

Cho Ichi Ramen - Winnipeg

Gaijin Izakaya - Winnipeg

Hello Asian Fusion - Winnipeg

Kazoku - Winnipeg

Yujiro - Winnipeg

30. Matzo Ball

Bernstein's Deli - Winnipeg

Falafel Place - Winnipeg

31. Chicken Noodle

Bernstein's Deli - Winnipeg

Del Rios - Winkler

Colosseo - Winnipeg

Falafel Place - Winnipeg

32. Miso

Fusian Experience - Winnipeg

Kim's Asian Restaurant - Brandon

Akindo Sushi Bistro - Winnipeg

Sushi June - Winnipeg

Le Beau Café & Fudgerie

Beausejour, Manitoba

Carter Chen @ritzcrakca

"Highly recommend the daily soups at Le Beau Café in Beausejour!" - @ritzcrackca

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Please call ahead to your restaurant of choice to confirm soup availability and hours of operation.

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