Winter has finally shown all of Manitoba its chilly grin, making a grand entrance after autumn decided to extend its time with us. We asked our Instagram community to show us photos that depicted 🌲Cozy Winter 🌲. For some, it was the wonderfully comforting feeling you get while sitting in front of a roaring fire, watching the snow fall slowly outside your window. For others, a Cozy Winter meant trekking into the outdoors – fearless, and bundled up to face the cold.

The three finalists for the  🌲Cozy Winter 🌲 challenge are…

Jessie (@mrsoneplusonedesign)

Winter may be known as being a chilly individual, but give it some credit – it certainly has a knack for covering mother nature with a thick blanket.

Give me a coat of that fluffy white stuff ❄️. #exploremb #igwhiteshell

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Berry Christmas! Where are you Spring? #winterpeg #wpg

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Nate Forest (@knatez)

There’s something so warm and comforting about watching the snow fall – isn’t there? Nate Forest captures the captivating magic of a heavy snowfall perfectly with his entry.

Take the road less traveled. ❄️ #Explore204

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Aurora Borealis time lapse on repeat for #WHPonrepeat 🌲🏠🌲

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Winter is still here! Dress warm and enjoy it! #Explore204 #ExploreMB

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Jill Bueddefeld (@jbueddefeld)

Only have one boot to wear this winter? Fear not – these dogs pull off the look flawlessly, while also maintaining a perfectly cozy look! We loved Jill’s entries from northern Manitoba.

If you've ever wondered if sled dogs enjoy what they do, take a look at these pups' happy faces. They had already finished a few short runs, and were doing that "throw the ball again" dance that most of us know from our own dogs, and were itching to go again. A week ago I had the privilege of joining @frontiersnorth on one of their tours and we stopped at @teamwapusk for dog sledding. Dave from @teamwapusk regaled us with sledding tales and shared his love of family (including his dogs) and his Metis culture, in his cozy cabin (pictured in the background). Then we got bundled up and the dogs showed us what they love to do. My only question: when can I sign up for a longer sledding trip? ❄️ #teamwapusk #exploremb #explorecanada #igwhiteshell #greatnorthcollective #canadiancollective #fromhereandaway #dogsledding #womenwhoexplore #getoutside @travelmanitoba #explore204 #adventuretravel #wanderlust #travel #visitnorthernmb #churchillmb #discoverchurchill #canada #stayandwander

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Winter in the Whiteshell ❄️, week 3: Ice & Frost

Frost in Winnipeg, Manitoba

This week, we challenge you to capture the beauty of winter’s frosty kiss  on Instagram. Show us how much you love our hoarfrost covered trees and icicle-lined cabins. Just a reminder that old photos are accepted, as long as they are reposted within the contest timeline. All finalists will have the chance to win our grand prize – a 3 night stay in the Whiteshell (which now includes a stay at the gorgeous Falcon Trails Resort)! Don’t forget to tag #exploremb and #igwhiteshell on your posts!

Read all the contest details here. Happy Instagramming!