Cinnamon Buns, Sculptures, and Village Scenes in Southern Manitoba

Posted March 07, 2024 | Author Breanne Sewards

What drives you to explore more of your home province? Lured by giant cinnamon buns, a tranquil outdoor art gallery and a one-of-a-kind accommodation, I headed out on the road to Rosenort, Altona and Neubergthal.

1. Lily Stone Cafe


Start your road trip in the best way possible at Lily Stone Cafe (formerly the Ole Farmhouse Cafe). This unassuming cafe in the small town of Rosenort is known for its high tea, which can be enjoyed on the quaint patio or in the upper level. Apart from its high tea experience, the cafe is more than worth a stop for a bite to eat as you set out on the day. The classic breakfast was my pick: eggs and toast complimented with shredded hash browns (arguably the greatest form...) and homestyle pork sausages.

I couldn't leave without also ordering the cinnamon bun - which to my surprise was served in a cast iron pan. Could this be the LARGEST cinnamon bun in Manitoba? Highly recommend asking for both the caramel sauce and the cream cheese icing.

The giant cinnamon bun, pre-icing and pre-sauce.

2. Garden in the Park


You know you're in a town that values artistic endeavours the moment you enter Altona and see the giant replica of Van Gogh's Sunflowers standing tall against the blue prairie skies. Continue to discover this creative gem of a town as you make your way to Gallery in the Park. The tranquil park is dotted with sculptures of all types; from traditional carvings to modern art. You'll enjoy an hour here strolling from statue to statue and taking a moment to sit alongside the fountain feature that stretches across the grounds. There's also a lovely pergola with picnic benches that's perfect for lunch.

On the second floor, one gallery in particular caught my eye: Margruite Krahn. This local artist's exhibit marries music with art, interpreting sound visually in a series of stunning mixed-media pieces. I recognized this name as the owner of a unique accommodation I was actually on my way to visit: The Herdsman House.

3. Stay overnight in a Mennonite village


Within the idyllic streets of Neubergthal, the best-preserved single-street Mennonite village in North America, lies The Herdsman House. Like stepping back in time, this might just be the most unique accommodation in Manitoba.

The Herdsman House welcomes visitors and artists-in-residence who seek a quieter pace of life. Built in the 1880s, this restored dwelling is the only remaining home of its type in Manitoba and would once-upon-a-time be inhabited by a herd-marshal in the farm village. Be welcomed by owner and artist Margruite Krahn, who has taken on the artistic and historical endeavour of restoring the beautiful hand-painted floors found in traditional Mennonite homes, like seen in The Herdsman House.

Today, you can be immersed in this time period by booking an overnight stay. Try your hand at baking bread in the traditional oven or simply wander the grounds (you might meet the neighbour donkey, horse and cat) and relax in the on-site sauna. All stays include fresh eggs, sourdough bread and locally roasted coffee. There's also an adorable 'sweets shop' on the property which is stocked regularly for visitors and the community.

While in Neubergthal, learn more about the national historic site with a village tour from resident Ray Hamm.

The tour will take you through several of the historical buildings in the village with engaging stories from a bygone era. You'll have the opportunity to walk through a housebarn, a distinct Mennonite dwelling where the home was attached to the barn. The design served a dual purpose of keeping an eye on livestock while also helping with heating the home in the winter.

Get the most out of the historic site by booking a tour ahead of your visit:


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The Herdsman House in Neubergthal

4134 Rd 1 West, 1 hour south of Winnipeg, 13 km off hwy 75 turn west onto PR421 to Neubergthal. Turn south into Neubergthal, property 4134
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