2016 is coming to a close, and with it, our Winter in the Whiteshell contest. Thank you ALL for your amazing entries throughout November and December that helped us promote what winter in Manitoba is all about. Our last theme, Holidays, leads up nicely to the weekend we’ve all been waiting for (Christmas!). Check back for the final 4 winners of the contest who will each take a spot on our winter adventure this February! Here are the last finalists for our Holidays week…

Jen Smithson (@jensmithson)

The best part of the holidays? Making memories with friends and family. Jen Smithson captured these magical moments perfectly!

Patricia Garrod (@trishg27)

The Forks is one of the most magical places to be around the holidays – with sparkling lights and plenty of gift shopping opportunities.

Jeff Vernaus (@jeffvernaus)

Jeff has been busy this holiday season, digging up every festive corner of downtown Winnipeg!


Final winners will be announced soon! Stay tuned!