Spring break is just around the corner. And while, for some parents, this means spending quality time with the kids, it also means lots of planning. We’ve put together a few ideas to make your job a little easier. We’ve also included a few fun things for those days when the aunts, uncles and grandparents decide to step in and take over babysitting duty.

Feast upon a festival

Festival of Fools

The Festival of Fools is making a return to The Forks Market. If you’ve never taken the kids to this event, now’s your chance. This family-friendly festival is free of charge and runs for seven days. All you need to do is pick one…or all, if you feel so inclined. Kids will be treated to a spectacle of jugglers, clowns, acrobats, swinging trapeze acts and circus workshops, not to mention lots of laughs. The Festival of Fools runs from March 25 to March 31.

Seek out a thrill

speed world

Speedworld Facebook page

If your kids are a thrill-seeking bunch, there is more than one way for them to let off a little some steam in a few fun and safe environments. Sky Zone’s free-jump zone includes 10,000 foam cubes and multiple trampolines where younger and older kids can get their hearts pumping and adrenaline up. For the aspiring archer or bow hunter, Heartland Archery provides a family friendly zone for improving your aim and putting your skills to the test. You can even bring along your own bow, or rent one on site. And if it’s the thrill of the chase that gets your kids motivated, Lasertopia offers a world of secrets, fun and two levels of adventure to get them going. Speedworld satisfies the need for speed with an indoor kart track that accommodates both experienced drivers and newbies.

Make a great escape

Escape Rooms Winnipeg

If solving riddles puts a glimmer in your kids’ eyes and turns a light bulb on in their heads, then Codebreakers might be a perfect place for a spring break day. For those 6 years and up, the hour-long mystery promises laughs and a fun time with family or friends where guests are locked in a room and must find hidden clues and solve puzzles if they ever want to escape. For those 12 and older, Enigma Escapes extends much the same thrill in a somewhat different setting, where sleuths journey to times past and even venture into other worlds. These, of course, are hardly the only escape rooms in the city. Test your mettle in The Real Escape’s Insane Asylum room, challenge an opposing team to a duel at Epic Escape, be the hero of your own adventure at Escape Hatch, or desperately attempt to get a grasp on time at Time Lapse.

Scavenge and hunt

easter egg hunt

Not only is it spring break, it’s also the time of year where kids venture out in search of Easter’s little gifts: eggs! On April 1, FortWhyte Alive will hold its annual scavenger hunt where kids roam the grounds in search of eggs while also exploring the natural world to see how many wonders they can find.

Have fun-filled camp days

Day camp

If your kids enjoy the day camp experience, we have at least three fun-filled and event-packed ones for them to choose from. From March 26 to April 1, the Children’s Museum has a full roster of events that will keep your kid’s minds and bodies active with creative indoor and outdoor activities and geared towards discovery and interaction. If you’re dropping by there is also a great program lineup that kids are guaranteed to enjoy. Kids can also let loose at Assiniboine Park’s Spring Break Zoo Camp from March 27 to 31. There’s an activity for just about every day to keep your kids happy.

Get crafty

kids arts and crafts

Let your kids explore their creative sides at the Winnipeg Art Gallery or FortWhyte Alive. On March 28 and 30, join your kids for a DIY experience in arts and crafts for the WAG’s Family Fusion events. The first day’s event requires a little bit of imagination into the sphere of time travel, while the second day of beading will get your creative juices flowing. FortWhyte Alive’s Kids’ Craft day on March 5 promises to be equally creative with nature.

City must-sees and dos

hermetic code tour

While it’s impossible to list every event or fun thing to do in the city, we can point you in the direction of a few. One good place to start is the Manitoba Museum. From the exhibits to the galleries and the Planetarium, you’ll have more of a challenge choosing which to see first. If you’re an art lover, or if you appreciate architecture, a stroll through the Exchange District will uncover many surprises and hidden gems. For a meaningful lesson in human rights and history, you only need go as far as the Canadian Museum for Human Rights and wander its galleries and walk along the glowing alabaster ramps. For the Dan Brown fans, the Hermetic Code Tour of the Manitoba Legislative Building is the perfect way to discover an architectural wonder while uncovering a few of the mysteries of the occult. If you’re looking for a lively spot to have a good meal, The Forks Market presents a diverse choice of culinary fare.

Perfectly packaged

Thermea baths

As promised, we haven’t forgotten you, moms and dads. If you’re in need of a little spring break R&R of your own, the city has a few great deals on to help you relax, or get you energized depending on your preference. Thermëa always has great package deals available for couples looking for a luxurious escape within city limits. And for those parents who feel just a little guilty taking time away, there’s a package for that as well.