What would summer be without attending a rural fair? Not as fun, in my humble opinion. Kleefeld Honey Festival (August 5 to 7) has the perfect formula for a summer festival: a family-friendly movie night, a delicious pancake breakfast, a community parade and an exciting (and rewarding) chili cook-off. Here’s how Kleefeld Honey Festival makes the perfect Manitoban fair, summer after summer…

Start with a movie night

Fun need not wait until Saturday at the Kleefeld Honey Festival. The fair kicks off Friday night with a family-friendly movie night in the park. Grab popcorn and an ice-cold bevvie and gather for two feature flicks: Zootopia and Spectre.

Add in a warm pancake breakfast

After a night at the movies, rest up and rise bright and early for the delicious pancake breakfast. This fair staple brings together the entire community for a communal meal of everyone’s favourite breakfast food. More maple syrup, please!

Mix with a chili cook off

Still a bit peckish after that pancake breakfast? No worries – the 4th annual Chili Cook-Off starts now! The Canadian Food Championships has designated the competition to be the Canadian Finals for the 2016 season, with the winner walking away with $2500 cash and a chance to attend the World Food Championships – so you better believe the competition is stiff.

Fold in live entertainment

After such a filling morning, it’s essential to get movin’. The best way? Dance along to live entertainment! The Kleefeld Honey Festival features local artists from all over the province. 5 Acres of southern Manitoba kicks things off with an afternoon concert, followed up by an evening show with The Gaudry Boys of St. Laurent. Luke Jacob Thiessen of Winnipeg entertains the crowds as the sun sets before oldies and classic rock from Wreckage wraps up the night.

Roll out a parade

Who doesn’t love a good parade? Kleefeld Honey Festival’s parade starts at 10:00 am as children cycle by on decorated bikes. Next up is the pipe band, followed by all other creative and community floats. The parade will take you from south of First Street to Park Avenue, then off to Third Street and back to Barkman Cartage. It’s a great way to get a sense for the town!

Sprinkle in a dash of kid friendly fun

Your kids will remember this summer as the best summer ever when you take them to the Kids Carnival at Kleefeld Honey Festival. Kids can enjoy face painting, bouncers, ball pits, and a balloon artist and create awesome family memories.

Combine fireworks gradually

The last ingredient to the perfect summer fair in Manitoba may just be the best, and festivals certainly wouldn’t be the same without it. We’re talking about fireworks – and Kleefeld Honey Festival’s are particularly stunning. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the show. Get ready to say “wow!”

Photos taken by Rachel Wiebe.
Post sponsored by Kleefeld Honey Festival.

View a full schedule of the Kleefeld Honey Festival! See you there!