Just keep paddling, just keep paddling. This week, we saw Manitoba from atop the water as our community showed off their best  and most exciting (and often, most relaxing) paddling rendezvous. Kayaks skimmed across still, smooth lakes while canoes ripped through river rapids.

The three finalists for the  🚣 Paddling Adventures 🚣 challenge are…

Laurel (@laurelje)

You can’t think about kayaking or canoeing without also thinking about Laurel. Long before this challenge, Laurel has been hitting the water to capture calm, painted lakes and evening sunsets. Her photos have definitely convinced us that exploring the province via waterway might just be the way to go.

This is awaiting us.

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Alyse Mailhot (@alysemailhot)

Alyse Mailhot took our Paddling Adventures challenge to a whole new level as she embarked out onto Bloodvein River. She did a fantastic job at capturing the focus required to paddle along this challenging, lively river – talk about an adrenaline rush! Not a bad way to explore Manitoba!

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Kara Dodds (@karakittens)

Clearwater Lake in The Pas was Kara Dodds’ paddling grounds as she took to the water by canoe, kayak, and even paddle boat! Nothing beats spending a sunny day out on the lake, especially if you have a great friend steering from the stern. Gotta love her use of a paddle as her selfie stick!

Just out for a rip are ya bud 🚣

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Paddle as a selfie stick 💁

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Paddle boating on Clear Lake and hearts from Laine 😏💜 #exploremb

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Clearwater Lake ☀️⛵️

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Congratulations, Laurel, Alyse and Kara, you all win an #ExploreMB Instagram Moments book and are now finalists for our Instagram trip to Churchill.

The #exploremb challenge – week nine

Food Scene Winnipeg

#ExploreMB Challenge: Prairie Foodie

This week, we want to see your best 🌽 Prairie Foodie 🌽 shots on Instagram. Show us your savoury or sweet mouth-watering photos of farmers markets, restaurants, and food trucks from across the province.  Don’t forget to tag #exploremb on your posts!

Read all the contest details here or see all the finalists so far. Happy Instagramming!