To truly understand someone, you must see the world from their point of view. So, it only makes sense that to truly understand the epicness of the Ultimate Arctic Summer Adventure offered by Lazy Bear Expeditions, you must see the experience from its many points of view. While you may not believe your eyes, you can be sure that what you’re seeing is the real deal: the beauty and wildlife of Churchill up close and personal.

Lazy Bear Expeditions

Get those binoculars in focus because what you’re seeing is real. The vibrant wildflowers and rocky shorelines are the summer environments for polar bears, which are known to congregate around Churchill during the fall migration. But after the bears have returned from their winter hunting grounds on the ice, they spread out around the region, and Lazy Bear Expeditions will take you to one of the more remote polar bear viewing areas on the west side of Hudson Bay.

Lazy Bear Expeditions

Aboard the Sam Hearne, a custom coast guard-certified boat, you’ll travel along the shore, getting a look at polar bears on the rocks or even going for a swim. And when the bears aren’t taking centre stage, it will be the beluga whales that become the stars of the show. There are nearly 60,000 beluga whales found in the western Hudson Bay – the largest concentration of beluga whales in the world. Lazy Bear Expeditions’ expert guides will navigate the waters where these whales come to feed, giving you a front row seat.

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What does it feel like to lock eyes with a beluga whale? You tell us after your thrilling snorkeling adventure with the whales. Known for being curious and friendly, you can share a smile with a whale and listen to its underwater songs. Kayaking with the whales is also an option. You’ll feel like one of the pod, splashing away, crossing off an item on your bucket list.

Lazy Bear Expeditions

Take a guess as to how many pictures you’ll take over the course of this seven-day adventure. From incredible scenery to unbelievable wildlife, be sure to charge your camera every night. Because there is no worse sight than the flashing low battery indicator while a bear walks by you, or a beluga surfaces for air, or a caribou strides across the tundra, or a flock of geese bursts into flight, or an Arctic fox strikes a pose, or the northern lights dance across the sky, or….well, you get the picture. 😉

Lazy Bear Expeditions

But here’s a tip: don’t forget to put down your phone, or your camera, or your binoculars, and just look. Just soak it all in. Look out the window of the Arctic Crawler as you make your way across this wild and wonderful place and be amazed. Be humbled. Be awed. Be inspired. This is Canada’s true north, up close and personal.

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Illustrations created by Myra Ramos, Production & Design Coordinator.