Well, the first round of voting in Roadside Madness saw a lot of ups and downs…

The Polar Bear, Happy Rock, Viking and Flintabbatey easily won their pairings, but there were many others in tight races right until the bitter end. The Curling Rock was slightly pushed away from the button by a Smoking Pipe, Chuck the Catfish is now reeling from losing by a whisker to the Elk, and Van Gogh’s Sunflowers slipped up against the mighty Banana.

And in a bizarro twist of the classic Tortoise and the Hare fable, Tommy the Turtle came out of the gates roaring and looked to have an easy win, but Sara the Camel came thundering back and toppled our flag waving friend. The moral of this story: never underestimate the will of the Camelid family.

In all seriousness, our roadside attractions are not only interesting pieces of art dotted along the highways. For some of us, they are beloved symbols of where we are from and where our roots lay. And when it comes right down to it, we aren’t just voting for the cutest, largest, coolest, oddest, we’re voting for the one that means the most to us. The one that tells us we’ve arrived home or waves to us as we pass it by. I know some of you will not be cool with your favourites falling to the wayside (or nearby ditch), but no matter where it ends up in the competition, it will always be #1 in your heart.

Now, are you ready to vote for the Sweet Sixteen? Yes? Good. Vote now…

Roadside Madness - Vote for the Sweet Sixteen.


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Come back to the blog tomorrow (March 24) to see the results of the SWEET SIXTEEN and start voting on the ELITE EIGHT.