You know them, you love them, you sometimes wonder “What does a Coke Can have to do with Portage la Prairie?” as you drive by them. And now you can vote for them. Welcome to Roadside Madness! Where 32 of Manitoba’s cool and quirky roadside attractions duke it out to be named the last statue standing. Over the next week, we want you to vote and tell us which is your favourite. The competitors have been placed into four brackets:

  • The WILD is home to the beasts. It’s where you will see a polar bear try to swat out a swan or a turtle wave his flags in the face of a camel. (Yes, there is a camel on the prairies. Her name is Sara.)
  • Then we have the WACKY players. Does this group need much explaining? This is where a Happy Rock from Gladstone (Get it? Get it?) will try to light up a fire hydrant or a Van Gogh painting will attempt to cut the ears off a banana (plot twist: bananas don’t have ears!). Add a smoking pipe trying to HURRY HARD to butt out a curling rock and you definitely know this is one wacky bracket.
  • Then you move on to the WHO group. These are the most human-ish characters in the bunch. And a golf ball. This group has two very famous characters (Flintabbatey Flonatin, Gimli Viking) and a Canadian icon in the Mountie. And a golf ball. His name is Gilbert.
  • Last, but not least, we have the WILLY-NILLY group. Here you will find a giant pumpkin trying to squash out a windmill while some mushrooms try to go psychedelic on a bouquet of crocuses.

So fasten your seat belts and get ready for the ride…VOTING STARTS NOW…

Roadside Madness - The bracket for the first round.


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Come back to the blog on Monday (March 23) to see the results of the FIRST ROUND and start voting on the SWEET SIXTEEN.

Note: Unfortunately, not all of our roadside attractions made the list as there was only space for 32. If we missed your favourite, please tell us which one it is and why you think it’s the best in the comments. The more stories you share with us about your love for Manitoba’s attractions, the better. Because there’s no such thing as a bad roadside attraction.