Are you ready for the round that decides it all?

In a stunning defeat last night, Whiteshell was forced to pack its bags as Grand Beach proved once again that a passion for a place is indeed, a mighty force. Meanwhile, in a battle not for the faint of heart, Spruce Woods bit the dust as the king of the north, Clearwater Lake, washed its sands away with a flurry of voting power.

Now for the toughest decision yet…Grand Beach, or Clearwater Lake? Here are some quick facts to help you pick which park to support:

Grand Beach Provincial Park

Grand Beach is a diverse Provincial Park located on the east shore of Lake Winnipeg, characterized by one of our most popular beaches (bearing the same name), active sand dunes, jackpine forests, spruce bogs and a marsh. Talk to anyone who grew up in the first half of the 20th century and they will reminisce on weekends on the train to Grand Beach, where days were spent on the beach and boardwalk and nights were spent in the dance hall (constructed in 1917, burnt down in 1950). Today, Grand Beach boasts 3 kilometers of white sand where plenty of beach and cabin go-ers spend their time in the summer. Pick berries in the mixed forests, spot piping plovers, or embark on a self-guided hike along the glacial and ancient Lake Agassiz – Grand Beach Provincial Park is definitely worthy of being in the top 2 of Park Madness!

Clearwater Lake Provincial Park

Located 20 km north of The Pas, Clearwater Lake Provincial Park is best known for its lake of the same name, which takes up a beefy half of the park.  This deep (clear to the bottom at 11 m), spring fed lake boasts stunning quality and provides ideal conditions for lake trout to flourish. The lake is so successful for lake trout that eggs are collected for Manitoba fish hatcheries, allowing for a higher hatch rate than what would normally found in nature. Afterward, a portion of trout return home to Clearwater Lake. While an obvious hot spot for anglers, Clearwater Lake is also popular for camping, kayaking, SUPing, boating, and in general, spending a blissful day on the water. Accessible via a self-guided trail is one of nature’s great achievements – the caves – made up of giant chunks of rock broken off from the dolomite cliffs. With all these features and more, Clearwater Lake is more than deserving to have made it so far in Park Madness.

Remember, the winning park will receive a promotional video from Travel Manitoba, so make your vote count!

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Clearwater Lake vs Grand Beach