Our amazing Media Relations team had a busy year – with over 500 pieces of positive content—including National Geographic Traveler’s mention of Winnipeg in its Best Trips of 2016 list. In sharing their Manitoba travel experiences, the journalists and influencers we host still astonish us with a poignant sentence or dramatic image in a beautifully crafted feature.

10. “Call of the North” CAA Going Places

Call of the North: Thompson, Manitoba

Thompson is a boreal forest gem that needn’t be overlooked as just a mining town. Thompsonites are fiercely proud, and it’s a story that needs to be shouted from the top of all those rocky outcrops that surround the city. We were thrilled when editor Lea Currie approached us to assist in planning her Going Places story.

9. “Decoding Winnipeg’s Food Lingo” Zoomer

Decoding Winnipeg's Food Lingo

Writer Shelly Cameron-McCarron visited during the summer of 2014 when Winnipeg hosted GoMedia Canada Marketplace. “Decoding Winnipeg’s Food Lingo” was a food tour we organized for the conference to show-off our iconic bites to visiting outsiders. The tale of the Nip, the Goog and the Schmoo sounds like a bad joke, but makes for a really great travel story.

8. “Kayaking with Beluga Whales: A Paddler’s Dream” The Planet D

The Planet D: Kayaking with Beluga Whales

Dave and Deb of The Planet D have had some of the coolest wildlife encounters around the world, and in their humble opinions, the Churchill beluga experience ranks up there. “There is something about wildlife encounters that makes people happy. You cannot paddle through pods of belugas without having a huge grin on your face.” Watch their video and smile away.

7. “Hudson Bay Express” Kanada

Hudson bay Express

VIA Rail’s Hudson Bay Express is the definition of a journey. Traversing our province from tip to toe in two days, the HB Express is one of few passenger trains in the world that travels on permafrost. Writer Oliver Gerhard also writes about the interesting Manitoba characters he meets—whether train staff, Indigenous people living in the remote North or international tourists heading to Churchill.

6. “On the Prowl” National Geographic Traveller (UK)

Canada On The Prowl

Writer Shaney Hudson couldn’t contain her excitement during the up-close wildlife encounters with polar bears and beluga whales at Seal River Heritage Lodge. She had her arm through the leg hole of a twisted dry suit and was eager to join the whales almost before the Zodiac stopped. Her youthful energy comes through in her words—it’s a pure, uninhibited retelling.

5. “Adventures in Riding Mountain National Park” Tour de Monde

Adventures in Riding Mountain National Park

It doesn’t matter if you can read Korean because the images do all the talking. This 12-page feature in the glossy  magazine has the best images we’ve ever seen from our beloved Clear Lake country. Journalist Heesun Ham perfectly captures the care-free, family-oriented, bustling-yet-tranquil vibe of this Manitoba summer hotspot.

4. “Cold Land, Warm Heart” Toque and Canoe 

Toque and Canoe

No one yarns tales of Canadiana quite like Toque & Canoe. These are some of Canada’s top travel storytellers falling in love with their backyards.  Val Berenyi visited Winnipeg on a February 2015 group media trip; her impression of how Manitobans rock winter resonates: “I came to learn why this little big city’s fierce embrace of the freezin’ season makes it pretty hot stuff.”

3. “God’s Country” Fly Fisherman 

Gods Country

A first-time angler to Manitoba, Brian Irwin was stunned by our plentiful stocks and natural beauty.  “But in northern Manitoba you’d never know brookies are in trouble. On the Gods River and other nearby flows, brookies grow to absurd proportions.” We love how his piece includes it all: species and conservation facts, Elk Island Lodge’s history, and action-packed details from the water.

2. “Finger-Lichen Good” enRoute 

The Surprising Cuisine of Northern Manitoba

No writer has ever described Churchill’s food scene as cleverly as Amy Rosen, one of Canada’s most prolific food scribes. “Then we hit the jackpot with a swatch of tundra that’s like the Chex Party Mix of the North: lingonberries, bog cranberries, soapberries, crowberries, cloudberries and blueberries, together at last.” This article is totally delish.

1. “Close Encounters of the Furred Kind” Lonely Planet Traveller 

Close Encounters of the Furred Kind

The article’s entertaining, yet foreboding, tone grips readers. The message is clear (and true): polar bears run the town of Churchill. Writer Marcel Theroux masterfully employs storytelling elements to get his theme across: spooky imagery of trick-or-treaters; an interview with a local who survived a polar bear attack; the central character of a Manitoba Conservation hero who keeps residents safe. He even compares the bears to a mob boss: “The animals have an incredible allure—I found them huge, charismatic, otherworldly. Cuddly and menacing, comic and melancholy, they are the Tony Soprano of mammals.”