During this time of social distancing around the world, virtual tours have become the perfect way to keep exploring the places you love and you'd love to visit, all from the comfort of your home. 

Manitoba museums, galleries and attractions have been heeding this call with their very own versions of virtual tours, creature features and photo walks. Below is a list of tours you'll want to check out to explore more of Manitoba from home. 

West End Biz Mural Photo Tour - this colourful mural tour is one of the city's best. Take a walk with their guides through one of Winnipeg's most vibrant neighbourhoods. 

Dalnavert Museum Virtual Tour - channelling 'The Crown' vibes from its sprawling lawn to its intricate interior, Dalnavert Museum offers a peek into Winnipeg's history. 

Explore.org - Watch the Northern Lights, Live - experience one of nature's greatest wonders dance across the sky. Did you know that Churchill, Manitoba is one of the best places in world to view the aurora? 

Heritage Winnipeg Exchange Virtual Tour - this national historic site houses a 20-block collection of turn-of-the-last-century warehouse buildings that have been a favourite of Hollywood for film sets. Today it boasts some of the city's best shops and trendy restaurants.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights Video Tours - the only museum in the world dedicated to the exploration of human rights past, present and future around the world. Any visit, virtual or otherwise, is sure to leave its impression.

Winnipeg Art Gallery - Instagram | Wag@Home - art lovers unite with Winnipeg's largest and most comprehensive art gallery for a look at some of their most beloved pieces. 

Assiniboine Zoo Weekly Creature Feature - gather the kids and tune in on Facebook Live for this cute, cuddly and educational feature about the zoo's loveable animals.

Manitoba Agriculture Museum - Discover Programs at a Distance - agriculture is the backbone of rural Manitoba. Explore its past with this virtual program. 

Virtual Tours From Brandon - Manitoba's second largest city has a lot to offer. Check out some of their most popular hot spots with these videos. 

La Maison Gabrielle Roy Virtual Tour - explore the life and history of one of Canada's most renowned francophone authors. 

Manitoba Museum@Home - visit the Manitoba's Museum's You Tube channel and blog for virtual learnings. Videos include a virtual tour of the Nonsuch, staff interpretations of iconic dioramas, and "Star Stories" from the Planetarium. 

Fort La Reine Museum 'History at Home' - this heritage village and museum in Portage La Prairie is dedicated to preserving prairie culture. They are sharing their knowledge by showcasing heritage activities, such as ice cream making and candle dipping, through their 'History at Home' video series. 

Have a virtual tour you'd like to share? Contact us at ntuli@travelmanitoba.com to have it added to the list!