Header photo by Sarah Wildman

It’s not hard to notice the beginnings of autumn. You can hear it in the crunch of leaves under your feet, and you can smell it as scents of homemade pies and smokey bonfires fill the air. It’s the coziest season of all, and perhaps the most relished. Are you ready to make the most of it?

It’s here. Harvest has begun.

A drive through the heartland is all it takes to catch a glimpse of the harvest.

Which lucky for you, means tons of delicious fall feasts.

It’s Manitoba’s oldest culinary tradition, and it’s cooler than you think.

And plenty of pumpkin-inspired dishes.

Track down pumpkin flavoured sweets on the Pumpkin Spice Tour.

Get into the season with a fall camping trip,

If you thought summer camping was nice, wait until you try fall camping. Wake to the soft sound of leaves falling on your tent, and greet the day with a warm beverage. Here are the campgrounds that have extended their season.

Or cozy into a warm cottage.

Falcon Trails Resort seems like the perfect spot to watch autumn’s morning fog roll over the lake.

It doesn’t matter which you choose, but a bonfire is a must.

Welcome the early setting of the sun with a warm bonfire – ideally enjoyed with friends and stories aplenty.

Especially if you have a warm drink in hand.

Listen, pumpkin spice lattes are popular for a reason. A warm drink enjoyed in the crisp air of fall will warm anyone’s soul.

Moody, rainy days are welcome at this time of the year…

Because is there anything more relaxing than watching raindrops roll down your window?




…seeing that we are all equipped in our coziest of knits.

Scarf season = best season. It’s time to swap out the summer shorts for your collection of knits.



Everywhere you look, the province is glowing with golden hues.

It’s a photographer’s dream landscape.

And did we mention the leaves?

Red, orange, yellow and green: our trees have it all! Hike the Gorge Trail in Riding Mountain National Park to take in these fall colours.

Rutting season has begun which means keeping your eyes peeled for hooved friends.

And coincidentally, Riding Mountain National Park is also a great spot for hearing the bugle of a rutting elk.

While the sky fills up with migrating birds.

Birds? We got them. Attend one of FortWhyte Alive’s annual Goose Flight Feasts and Sunset Goose Flights or head to Oak Hammock Marsh to see more migration action.

It’s not such a bad thing to get lost this time of year.

Especially if you’re lost in one of the province’s corn mazes. Test your navigation skills in  A Maze in Corn, Deer Meadow Farms, Boonstra Farms, or King Korn Maze.

And although spooky things may lurk in the shadows…

Halloween is on its way and there are plenty of haunts to experience in Manitoba. Get your fear on at Six Pines Haunted Attractions, the Haunted ForestTerror On 12 and  Grim Acres or embark on a ghost-hunting tour with Square Peg Tours.

It’s undeniable, we LOVE fall! 💛❤️

What do you love the most about this gorgeous season? Tell us in the comments!