If you go camping but don’t post on Instagram, did it really happen? Well of course it did. But sharing your trip on Instagram is just plain fun and a great way to keep memories. Riding Mountain National Park is one of two of Manitoba’s National Park, with picturesque views, tons of wildlife opportunities and stunning lakes. After a trip to RMNP, you can bet your phone will be blowing up with all the likes and comments. And now, with the Parks Canada Discovery Pass, you can get two years of entry into parks for the price of one. Here’s our guide on how to Instagram the perfect camping trip to Riding Mountain National Park, no filter required…

Snuggle into an oTENTik

Rent an oTENTik in Riding Mountain National Park

If you’re not much of a pro when it comes to setting up a campsite, or you don’t own a tent, your perfect camping trip in Riding Mountain National Park starts with Parks Canada oTENTiks! A combination between a tent and cabin, the oTENTik features wood floors, a wood stove, picnic table, deck, fire pit and propane barbeque. Bring friends – the roomy interior has bunk beds that can accommodate up to six people! All you need to do is show up with your sleeping bag, cookware and food and voila, let the camping commence! Your perfect Instagram shot will include your cozy little home away from home, as well as the gorgeous surrounding landscape.

Gather ’round the fire

Camping at Riding Mountain National Park

What better way to end a day than with a campfire? It’s the ultimate rustic photo for your Instagram, and proof that you definitely #livefolk. Campfires also happen to be the ultimate setting for a little bit of singing. You can either join in at the Songs of Riding Mountain campfire or request for an official RMNP singer to come to you. And for those who did not choose to stay in an oTENTik, try camping on a scenic backcountry site. Lake Katherine and Whirlpool lake are excellent options that you can travel to by canoe or kayak.

Watch the northern lights show

Watch the Northern Lights in Riding Mountain National Park

Plan a late night and stay up for the northern lights show. Although more common to see in the dark skies of winter, you can still get an amazing photo of the northern lights in the summer in Riding Mountain National Park – just ask Austin Mackay. Set your camera up on a tripod and settle down for a night of sky gazing. At the very least, you will be in awe of the incredible starry night sky. Dock + puppy + aurora = 10000000 likes. In our opinion, anyway.

Hike the Manitoba Escarpment

Hike the Manitoba Escarpment

The early bird gets the worm. Wake up at the crack of dawn for a hike or bike along the Manitoba Escarpment, where 65 million year-old rocks make for an exciting and rugged adventure. Don’t forget to bring your HBC striped blanket (#stripespotting) for photo ops and picnic spots along the way. Popular trails include the Gorge Creek Trail and Reeve’s Ravine Trail. The views are stunning, so be sure to take them in with both your eyes and your camera.

Witness our wildlife wonders

Wildlife in Riding Mountain National Park

Riding Mountain National is one of the best spots in Manitoba for wildlife viewing, and if you’re patient enough, you might just land amazing wildlife photo. The bison enclosure near Lake Audy is an excellent place to start, with the best viewing times being early in the morning or in the evening. Elk (listen for their distinctive bugling call in the fall), porcupine, coyotes, wolves, beavers, lynxes and white-tailed deer also frequent the area, so keep your eyes peeled and your camera at the ready. Long lenses recommended.

Kayak in crystal clear waters

Kayak in Riding Mountain National Park

What, you didn’t know adventure pets were a thing? They are! Even cats have been venturing out to get a taste of adventure, and you can guarantee that a shot of your adventure kitty kayaking will warrant a heck of a lot of likes. Even if you don’t have a little buddy to bring along, you can bet your trip will be relaxing and serene. Kayaks or canoes can be rented at Clear Lake or you can bring your own and venture out on a different lake (Lake Audy is highly recommended). If you’re new to kayaking, sign up for a Kayak Experience with a certified Parks Canada Guide and learn from an expert. Don’t forget to bring your phone in a waterproof case to get that quintessential point-of-view kayaking shot.

Share the chair

Share the Chair with Parks Canada's Red Chairs

Parks Canada’s signature red chairs are popping up all over the province in a effort to connect people with the nature and heritage of Canada The chairs can be found in 10 spots in Riding Mountain National Park, some which require a greater sense of adventure than others. Don’t worry – the trek will be completely worth it when you snag the perfect #ShareTheChair image for your feed. So Canadiana.

Enjoy a summer treat

Ice Cream in Wasagaming

What would summer be without ice cream? In fact, what would Instagram be without ice cream? Wander into Wasagaming to grab a summer treat from The Chocolate FoxBoardwalk on Clear Lake,  or Lake House Ice Cream Shop. Manitoba’s sunny summers mean you have limited time to snap a photo before it melts down your arm, so waste no time. We recommend Clear Lake for the perfect backdrop!

Ready to head out on a trip to Riding Mountain National Park? Tag your photos with #exploreMB, #RidingNP, #ClearLakeRMNP and #ParksCanada!

Sponsored by Parks Canada.
Images created by Myra Ramos, Production & Design Coordinator.