There are 57 National Historic Sites and over 140 Provincial Heritage Sites in Manitoba. While each has its own important story worth discovering, here are eight sites to explore.

 1. Dalnavert Museum

Dalnavert MuseumThis beautiful example of the Queen Anne Revival style was the home of Hugh Jon Macdonald, the 8th Premier of Manitoba and son of Canada’s first Prime Minister. Thanks to the efforts of dedicated volunteers, this downtown Winnipeg historic site is once again open to the public.

2. York Factory

york factoryEstablished in 1684 by the French as a fur trade post, York Factory was later rebuilt by the Hudson’s Bay Company at the mouth of the Hayes River. A huge depot for the lucrative fur trade, the current building dates from 1831 and stands on top of the star shaped “Old Octagon” fort constructed between 1788 and 1795. Touch the archeological artifacts on a northern adventure tour with Parks Canada (call 1-204-675-8863) or arrive here by jet boat on a tour with Nelson River Adventures.

3. Riding Mountain East Gate Registration Complex

East gateBuilt by relief program workers during the Depression, the gate, the gatekeeper’s cottage and the Whirlpool Warden’s Station are a charming example of the 1930s rustic design in Canada’s National Parks. The gate that welcomes you into the park from McCreary is the only one of its kind left in Canada.

4. Riel House

Riel HouseWhile the house itself is a typical example of a log house built on Métis River lots in the 19th century, this was the family home of the founder of Manitoba, Louis Riel. He laid in state in the south Winnipeg home’s living room after he was hanged for high treason in 1885. Summer programming includes bannock baking, moccasin making, and live music with Métis fiddlers

5. Wasyl Negrych Pioneer Homestead

Negrynch Pioneer HomesteadThere are 10 log buildings, fields and orchard on this site near Gilbert Plains. Established in 1897 by Wasyl and Anna who paid $13 for the land, this preserved site is one of the oldest known and best preserved Ukrainian-style farms in Canada.

6. P. Tergesen & Sons Store

Tergesen & SonsLocated in Gimli, this provincial historic site is the oldest operating store in Manitoba. While the pressed tin exterior has recently been upgraded, the building retains much of its heritage 1898 charm. Browse the shop’s unique, clothing, accessories, houseware and giftware.

7. Historic Ukrainian Catholic Church of the Resurrection

Ukrainian Catholic Church of the ResurectionMake an appointment to see this stunning example of a “prairie cathedral” in Dauphin. The hand-painted frescoes, icons and murals are stunning and a perfect backdrop for the church’s fundraising events

8. Fort Garry Hotel

Fort Garry HotelThis is the last surviving grand hotel from the height of boom-town Winnipeg, built in 1913. The hotel’s reputation for luxury and grandeur continues to today, as does rumours that room 202 is haunted by woman who also likes to roam the halls and hang out in the lounge. Join a ghost hunt of the hotel with Muddy Water Tours.