Greetings, friends. Welcome to the Great White North, where paradise is not considered a tropical island loaded with loud people (can you say overrated?). Instead, it is a place where the land is so remote and quiet you could hear an owl’s feather drop. From wolves howling off in the distance to the surprising sounds of the northern lights as they dance above you, from the snort of a polar bear as it gets a whiff of your scent from a tundra vehicle to the minuscule splash of water as the line of your reel starts to dip. Oh, this is the Canada of your dreams. You want glorious, strong and free? You got it here. And Calm Air will get you there.


Greetings from Manitoba via Calm Air: Churchill

Called the “Polar Bear Capital of the World,” Churchill is also known as a beluga whale watching hot spot, a birder’s paradise and one of the best places to experience the northern lights. It’s also a place where you can immerse yourself in Canada’s rich fur trade history, explore the rugged tundra by foot, boat or dog sled, and dine on outstanding cuisine (Arctic Char is a must!).

Add Churchill to your bucket list, you will not be disappointed, because, c’mon, polar bears, belugas and northern lights!!! It’s a trifecta of epicness. 

Flin Flon

Greetings from Manitoba via Calm Air: Flin FlonNestled in the middle of nature’s splendor, Flin Flon is a thriving mining community and fantastic vacation destination. The town lies in the heart of northern Manitoba’s Lake district and is home to enormous lake trout, burbot and northern pike. If you’re an avid angler, you want to find your way here.

Those Master Angler trophy fish are just waiting for you to reel ’em in! Just remember to release ’em back.


Greetings from Manitoba via Calm Air: GillamLove fishing and hunting? Located in a wilderness paradise, Gillam, and its surrounding areas, are where you’ll find remote fishing and hunting lodges and outposts to get away from it all. Gillam is also where the feisty sled dogs begin their annual Hudson Bay Quest.

Want to embark on a wilderness adventure that feels as authentic as a Nat Geo doc? Then Gillam is your first stop on a journey down the Nelson River to York Factory.  

The Pas

Greetings from Manitoba via Calm Air: The Pas

Known as the “Gateway to the North,” The Pas abounds with nature’s glory. It’s a short distance to Clearwater Lake, one of only three “true blue” lakes in the world —  the water is crystal clear and free of pollutants. It’s where you can gaze up at northern lights any time of year and explore natural wonders featuring everything from waterfalls to caves in one of the two nearby parks: Clearwater Lake and Grass River.

Party pioneer-style at at the Northern Manitoba Trappers’ Festival! You’ll see brave souls set traps, filet fish, build fires from scratch and even whip up a snack over an open fire. And no fur trapper fest is considered a success without axe-throwing and dog races.


Greetings from Manitoba via Calm Air: ThompsonQuick glimpses of elusive wolves are a common occurrence around Thompson. You can’t miss the 10-story mural of a wolf that towers over the wolf-lined (of the statue kind) Spirit Way Trail. You can even occasionally hear the haunting howl of the timber wolf from within the city. Summer brings fishing, water skiing, biking, hiking, while winter brings downhill skiiing, wilderness snowmobiling and ice fishing.

This city has a serious crush on their wolves and that’s probably the coolest thing ever, right? 


Greetings from Manitoba via Calm Air: WinnipegA city full of surprises. From the mysterious and enlightening, to the delicious and unexpected, this town gets more compelling the deeper you explore it. But the most thrilling part is that Winnipeg is the first stop before embarking on your ultimate northern adventure.

Hop on board a Calm Air flight and watch how the terrain changes from prairie fields to boreal forest to the rugged lowlands of Hudson Bay. 

Oh, and when the flight attendant offers you a cookie. Take it! They are delish.

Greetings from Manitoba via Calm Air, your gateway to the North.

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Graphics created by Eric Admiraal, Production & Design Coordinator.