Smith: A person skilled in creating something with a specified material.

For thousands of years people have been meeting and trading their stories at The Forks. The new Smith Restaurant, located in Inn at the Forks, is a warm and welcoming place to continue this tradition while also enjoying a fine, well-crafted meal.

A group of us at Travel Manitoba were invited to partake in Smith’s trial lunch a couple of days before the grand opening. My first thought as we walked into the newly renovated restaurant was “if the food is as good as this place looks, we are in for a special treat.”

The attention to detail in the decor strikes you, be it the warm woods, interesting fabrics (hello, seats upholstered in HBC blankets!), unique lighting fixtures, or the Canadiana artwork that adorns the walls. There is A LOT of style going on here and it all works seamlessly together. Our group described it as “Fur Trader Chic.” Just perfect for the The Forks.

So on to the food… we all picked different dishes on the lunch menu and then proceeded to pick off each other’s plates. The pounded cheese, “The way we like it” burger and the curry wurst were a few instant favourites. Everything I tasted was full of rich wholesome flavours. Chef Alex Svenne, formerly of Bistro 7 1/4, has used his immense skills to whip together a menu that blends perfectly with the atmosphere. It’s a little bit elegant, a little bit rustic with a whole lot of savoury goodness. You could say Chef Alex used his charcuterie board to knock it out of the park!

Wondering what dinner is like? PegCity Grub’s review hits the spot. Warning: it may cause stomachs to grumble.

Smith is open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can also book them for private events.

To make a reservation, call 204.944.2445.

Pounded cheese at Smith

The pounded cheese will pound its way into your heart.

The satisfying snacks menu at Smith.

The satisfying snacks menu includes jars of mixed olives and house pickles.

The Mac 'n' Cheese at Smith.

The Mac ‘n’ Cheese is built for comfort.

"The way we like it" burger at Smith.

“The way we like it” burger is a heaping meat-mound of goodness.

Homemade cottage cheese with a side of curry wurst at Smith.

Homemade cottage cheese with a side of curry wurst.

Smith's decor.

One last look at Smith before leaving.

A big thanks to Smith Restaurant and Inn at the Forks for inviting us to their trial lunch. We all loved it.